Locum professionals stand in for others when there is a shortage. Healthcare in particular is full of passionate, hardworking locum professionals that keep the lights on and everything running smoothly. There are many reasons why you would actually prefer working in a locum capacity (instead of working full-time with all the associated benefits that come with it) and, as a result, many reasons why becoming a locum professional can help your career.  

Why Becoming a Locum Professional Can Help Your Career

There are many benefits of becoming a locum professional.

1.     You Have Greater Control Over Your Schedule

You have complete control over your schedule, especially when you can easily see the shifts laid out in a calendar. Want to sleep in every day? Choose the evening or night shifts instead. Need one specific day to be free? Don’t book work on that day. You are in charge of your schedule and are only restricted based on what shifts are available.

2.     You Earn More Than You Do Working a Salary Job

Generally speaking, you will earn more filling your days with short-term positions than you would in a salary position. This is true for pharmacists, doctors, and nurses alike. The downside is that you will only earn more if you have a full-time job’s worth of shifts. You exchange the stability of a salary job for a higher wage. Depending on your sector, however, you may not ever have to worry about slow periods.

3.     You Can Negotiate Each Job’s Wage

The best time to negotiate a higher wage is when you start a new job. As a locum professional you have the chance to negotiate your salary every time. Have a consistent wage that you work for, so that you can set the right expectation based on the work you will do. Increase this with inflation at minimum, and also with your experience.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Locum Career

It is very important to note that managing a locum career can be difficult, which is why you need the right tools before you get started. A locum pharmacist for example will need a tool that gives them access to temporary job listings from pharmacies and GP practices. They will also need to be able to see new shift notifications so that they can easily pick the job they prefer. Additional features you will want your management system to have include the ability to negotiate the rate, instantly book shifts instead of having to apply, and even automatically generating your invoices.

It can be difficult to manage your own schedule. Management positions typically handle that on your behalf. Rather than take on an additional admin in your role as a locum professional find the right workflow system that will easily integrate into your career and help you manage your schedule with confidence.

This way you can portray a high level of professionalism, gain access to higher paying positions, and be able to successfully negotiate higher wages when necessary.

By Rob