Find out how painted kitchen cabinets change the room’s appearance and what aspects you need to keep in mind if you decide to switch your present cabinets with painted ones. 

If you want to change the kitchen’s look but don’t want to engage in a total renovation that would cost you more than you afford, consider painting the kitchen cabinets or switching them for painted ones. Cabinets cover the largest portion of wall space, so a fresh color or new units could dramatically change the room’s appearance. 

Switching to painted kitchen cabinets is the easiest way to give the space a brand-new look without breaking the bank or embarking on a long-term renovation. From jet black cabinets to cobalt blue with brass hardware or fresh green units, all could transform the room and give it more personality. If you want to tackle this project, you can start a DIY project or hire a furniture provider to produce customized units for you. 

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Why are painted kitchen cabinets an excellent investment?

It’s amazing how a coat of fresh paint can change the appearance of kitchen units and the overall vibe of the kitchen. Here is what you gain from endeavour. 

A transformed kitchen

As stated before, a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets or newly painted units would work wonders on the space’s overall style. Depending on your style, you can find painted kitchen cabinets to match a modern, traditional, or rustic aesthetic. The paint allows you to set the mood because it gives you creative freedom. If you don’t want to embark on a DIY project, purchase the cabinets from a provider that specialized in painted kitchen furniture. You can choose an already available model or order a customized one. When used in the kitchen, paint provides infinite possibilities to customize the area and give it a personal touch. However, if you don’t want to paint the entire kitchen, giving a fresh coat of color to the units that take up most of the wall space is also effective. The cabinets are the most noticeable elements when you enter the room. 

A cost-effective solution 

Painting your cabinets is cost-effective because it allows you to change the room’s overall look without purchasing new furniture. When the units begin to show signs of wear and tear, your natural instinct would be to replace them with new ones. However, this is the priciest solution and requires extensive room renovation to install. But repainting the existing cabinets helps you revitalize your kitchen’s look and brings no further harm to the walls. And where do you count that you keep the money in your wallet?

Quick process

As you can imagine painting the kitchen units isn’t as time-consuming as the average kitchen renovation project. Even if you hire a team of professional contractors, it could take several days to remodel the space. Painting the cabinets makes it easier to complete the job fast and adjust it to your personal schedule. You can also modify the steps in the process as you figure out what result you prefer. 

Increased home value

The most significant benefit when painting the kitchen units is that they increase the overall home value. Homeowners love painted cabinets as they look more stylish and have a unique appearance, so they’re willing to pay more for a house equipped with customized kitchen furniture. Painted kitchen cabinets are a fantastic asset if you plan to sell the house in the future or want to maintain it in top condition. Applying a coat of high-quality paint provides the cabinets with extra resistance to factors like moisture. So, the units’ appearance, worth and durability change. 

What should you know about painting kitchen cabinets?

If you’re ready to paint the kitchen cabinets by yourself, the following pieces of information may prove helpful

Wood is the best material

Before purchasing paint and looking for a model to adorn your cabinets with, check if the units are made from wood. All wood types are great for painting, from compressed to MDF. Any kind of wood you can scuff up with sandpaper would work because you need to ensure the paint is viable and easily adheres to the surface. If you browse the market for painted kitchen furniture, you’ll notice that providers sell only wood cabinets. 

Laminates aren’t a good option because the results are short-term, even if you can paint them. If your cabinets have a glossy or stained wood finish, you need to use a liquid sander to de-gloss them and then apply a fresh coat of paint. 

Label the cabinet panels

Before removing the cabinet doors and drawers to take them to the garage or out in the backyard, where you intend to paint them, establish a system that helps you remember where each of them goes. You can create a small diagram and label each of them accordingly to identify which goes where when the paint dries. 

If the panels come out with any hardware or hinges, use tape to cover them to protect them during the process because as with any DIY project, the more thorough the preparation stage, the better the result. 

You can paint even black units

Of course, it would be easier to paint the kitchen furniture if it’s light-colored. But if you installed dark-colored or black units (as it was the trend a couple of years ago) and you want to change the color because it no longer matches your style, you switch to a lighter hue (with some effort). If you’re going to make an extreme transition, you need an underbody coat to hide the black shade. Ask for a product containing 75% of the final color at the paint store to help you prime the surface. 

If you think you cannot do it yourself, contact a specialist because they could paint the cabinets for you or offer replacement doors in the desired color. Replacing the doors or refacing the cabinets are affordable solutions requiring little work. 

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