Paid Ads: Social Media Vs Google Ads

Small businesses usually have a small marketing budget. Plus, with a number of online marketing tools and powerful platforms, it can become quite difficult to choose a medium for advertising. You may constantly hear about businesses opting for a diverse range of platforms to show paid adverts. But, as a small business, it can be quite tough to choose a platform for paid advertisement. To solve this challenge and address the online marketing and paid advert dilemma, here’s a simple guide.

We will clearly distinguish between the benefits of social media ads and Google ads to help you choose whichever is best for your business. At the best PPC agency London, you can get help to organize paid ad campaigns for both platforms. Both Google and social media platforms are big players in the online marketing space, but which one should you choose? Here’s what to know!

When to Go for Social Media Ads?

Social media advertising has a lot of benefits. One of the main advantages of social media marketing and advertising is greater brand awareness. Since billions of active users are online on social media on a monthly basis, chances of gaining more brand attention are high. Here’re the key pros that may help you choose social media ads over Google ads.

Pros of Social Media Ads

Gaining social media popularity and increasing brand awareness isn’t easy. With the number of users on social media, you have considerably:

·       Building Brand Awareness and Raising Brand Recognition

Although some posts aren’t directed towards improving sales on social media, the ultimate goal remains the same, i.e. to gain brand recognition and awareness. Through social media, you can market to those searching for relevant terms related to your business/services/products, as well as a larger target audience. You can easily familiarize users with your brand and business through social media.

·       Generating Valuable Insights about Target Audience

Through social media advertising and paid ads, you can generate valuable insights about your customers. For instance, you can learn about their preferences, demographics, and other useful information that can help narrow down your target audience for better-paid ad optimization.

·       Growing User/Customer Engagement Rates

Social media is all about being social and engaging, as Dr. Hal Arnold would say. When you post social media ads that aren’t just sales-y but also informative and engaging, you can improve customer/user engagement rates. This can ultimately show in online sales revenue and lead generation ratios.

·       Increasing Inbound Traffic and Generating Brand Loyalty

When users are familiar with your brand and business, they easily trust you to deliver the required products and services. With greater brand awareness, you get the opportunity to present your official website and promote your products/services. Hence, it can ultimately increase inbound site traffic.

When to Go for Google Ads?

Google ads act as a tool to help businesses increase conversions through their lower funnels. Companies around the world use social media ads and Google ads side by side to increase conversions and online sales. However, the number of click-through rates on Google is significantly higher. Check out the key pros of Google ads to choose the right form of PPC for your company.

Pros of Google Ads

Of course, running Google adverts will take a huge toll on your marketing budget. However, with the main pros outlined below, the costs may appear worth bearing. Here’s how Google Ads are better than social media ads:

·       Gaining Leads and Conversions Faster

Going for Google ads is not a walk in the park. But, with advanced technology and better optimization tools, you can make things slightly easier. With improved optimization that makes Google ads more relevant to potential site visitors and customers, the chances of securing higher conversions increase.

·       Increasing Transparency and Competition

Transparency and great competition are two of Google’s most favourable qualities. Even if you’re not going for PPC advertising campaigns, you can top paid ads on SERPs by crafting highly optimized and relevant ads for organic traffic. While this is a major benefit, it can also raise a few alarms. In general, toping Google adverts is easy when you can bid so easily.

·       Improving Potential Customer Outreach

Don’t just think about Google; think about the various subsidiaries that are under Google, including Gmail, YouTube (one of the best content sharing platforms), and others. Those are all other places for which you can customize and optimize your Google ads.

The Takeaway

Several professionals believe that using a combination of techniques, including Google ads and Social Media ads can help you achieve greater success in markets. However, when you’re running on a tight budget, you have to choose the type of paid ads that show greater potential. Social media platforms are instrumental in building brand recognition. On the other hand, Google being a major search engine helps increase your conversion rates like no other platform.

So, assume this: your customers saw your brand and posts on social media, and after seeing you on social media once, they now feel confident when your ad pops up for their specified search. Hence, increasing the chances of lead generation and conversion overall.