3 Labelling Machines Every Labeller Should Own

When your company prints its own labels, it’s critical to use printing equipment that ensures high-quality and professional results. Customers’ first impression of your brand is typically based on the packaging of your products. Customers typically perceive labels that are difficult to see and unprofessional when firms try to save money by employing low-quality printers.

Investing in an industrial label printer is the greatest method to ensure that customers have a positive first impression of your items. Finding a high-quality label printer for your company, however, is not as simple as it may appear. Because every organisation has unique printing requirements, selecting equipment that best suits your needs necessitates weighing numerous factors such as cost, customisation, and efficiency.

We’ll share recommendations for buying the proper labelling machines for your business in this article to help you with your hunt for new equipment.

Portable Label Printer

A handheld label maker with its own keypad will suffice for occasional use. They’re simple to operate, and the finest models include a small LED display for previewing your work. However, even within this type of printer, there are a variety of options and price points.

A basic device will cost between £20 and £30. Labels come in a variety of sizes and are printed promptly. The higher-end handheld printers, on the other hand, include a more extensive keyboard, hot buttons, and a larger display. These label machines are better suited to extensive use, but they are also more expensive. For corporate class portable label makers, expect to pay around £100.

Desktop Printer

The most common types for residential customers are small desktop printers. They connect to a computer and have their own software. They’re simple to use and don’t require expensive inks because they employ thermal printing technology. You’re set to go as long as you maintain the printer loaded with labels. They’re also adaptable. Labeling activities around the house and business can be done with a variety of sizes of labels.

The cost of printers varies depending on the specifications. Home labellers start at roughly £40 and go up to several hundred pounds for higher-end business labellers.

Commercial label printers

A big inkjet label printer will be required for heavy use. These commercial printers can produce a variety of labels. For example, long-lasting labels, paper labels, and even plastic signage. They’re also quick. They can print at speeds of up to 90mm per second. The highest-end models come with tractor feeders for lengthy print runs and produce labels that are resistant to smearing, fading, and water.

Needless to say, they are the most expensive label printers. However, a competent printer costs roughly £500 and is a wise investment for any company that needs labels frequently.