Being a performance coach in London UK isn’t easy. The job requires high energy, high impact coaching techniques that help people focus and reenergize. The best coaches are persistent, direct, and are paid to test your limitations.

In the past decade, with the rising trend of social media, many have chosen to become performance coaches as it requires no previous training or accreditation. Anyone who is good at socializing and is fit can, in theory, be a Performance Coach. But there is a vast difference between a professional full-time performance coach and those that are only in it for a quick dollar!

When choosing a performance coach in London UK it is important that one considers the following factors.

Training & Methodology

If you ask a performance coach what credentials, certifications or prior training they may have and they answer with “none”; that in itself should be a red flag.

If they have relevant training and accredited certifications the next thing they must tell you is the methodology they plan to use in helping you achieve your performance goals.

A performance coach that isn’t able to talk about different methodologies and training modules or doesn’t have any proof of what he says he or she can accomplish for you is most likely not worth selecting.

Every London based performance coach should be able to provide you with a list of qualifications that make them a suitable candidate and a sound enough methodology to even entertain the thought of them being considered by a potential client.

Experience & Track Record

A performance coach should be open about what they have been able to achieve for their previous clients and even provide information on a couple that you could call personally for testimonials. Having a reputable portfolio and a successful track-record can help earn trust and credibility right away.

A performance coach should always mention their relevant experience with people dealing with similar issues and how they were successful in remedying them. A solid track record and vast years of experience help build trust and confidence from the get-go.

Unbiased & Transparent

The best performance coach is often someone that you can trust and feel safe around. A performance coach should never be too quick to judge or dismiss a client in need. Transparency is also vital in all dealings for an effective long-term relationship. This includes full disclosure of all costs associated with the program as well as attainable expectations of outcomes. Being direct and straight-forward about what to expect from the coaching and how much it would cost is integral to build trust and credibility.


Any London based performance coach that isn’t able to provide you with the following three things in unlikely to be a good fit no matter how well you both may hit it off. In order to build sustainable long-term positive change, it is important for every performance coach to be honest and fully transparent about their individual abilities and strengths and how they can help you in achieving your performance goals.

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