The Best Website Builders for Your Business

Deciding on which is the best website builder for your business does not have to be a tricky task as there are many excellent companies on the market today. Here are our top five website builders with pros and cons of each, for you to consider. It is important to remember that every builder we reviewed offers value when applied in the right situation. Our tip is to choose the easiest and fastest way to start and design your website.


This is ideal for small businesses. Godaddy’s drag-and-drop editor and Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) makes setting up your site quick (and professional). The fact that it is simple to start and to maintain makes it a popular choice. They even offer a free package which includes an SSL certificate and social media marketing tools for you to try out. It is very fast to set up, affordable and offers an excellent free package (as opposed to its competitors). However, on the other side, its features are limited and it offers limited design freedom and may lack visually in comparison to other builders. 

2. Weebly

Weebly is best suited for businesses who want their website to be easy to use and have valuable features. Weebly’s editor offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface with more than 40 themes. Weebly offers affordable ecommerce functionality. This website builder offers a free package. However, it will include a Weebly ad on your page and you cannot get a custom domain. Weebly has a strong ecommerce platform should you require it. The app center makes adding features simple- and these features go a bit more in depth than GoDaddy. Alternatively, this website builder has less design flexibility than others such as Wix. 

3. Squarespace

This particular website builder is best in line with companies that focus on blogging. Many varieties of templates are offered on this builder, giving companies the opportunity to create their ideal website look. You do not need to be tech-savvy or have the most time on your hands with this builder. Their e-commerce are very valuable to its users. If design and aesthetics are important, but your time and skillset are limited, Squarespace might be the website builder for you. If you are not sure, you can try out their two week free trial. It is a strong ecommerce platform, has good SEO tools, and they offer podcast hosting. On top of this, their blogging platform can compete with industry giant, WordPress. However, they do not offer a free package, there is no phone support and you cannot create multilingual websites.

4. Wix

This is ideal for businesses who want to customise their website. Should you wish for your website to have specific designs, Wix may be the option for you. With this builder, you can create a beautiful portfolio site. With over 500 industry-specific templates, Wix can certainly help you find your ideal layout and look.  Additionally, it offers the best SEO guidance and tools compared to its competitors. It is easy to use and their drag-and-drop editor is intuitive for most users. However, once you have chosen your template, you are stuck with your original one, indefinitely. On top of this, it is difficult to grow your site without purchasing their apps.  

5. Shopify

This is ideal for those businesses who intend to use their website for ecommerce purposes. If you are a small business that is strictly running an online store (with more than 100 products), Shopify will provide a better experience than its current competitors. It has hundreds of mobile-friendly (flexible) designs for free or for purchase, has 24-hour tech and customer support and offers a “Lite” plan available for social media sellers $9 monthly. On the other hand, there is a 2% transaction fee unless you use Shopify Payments and multi-language options only available via paid apps or paid templates. 

When running a business, your most valuable asset is time. Therefore, choosing the best-suited website developer for your business’s needs frees up your diary. With many reliable and quality website builders on the market today, setting up your website and building your presence online is made much easier (cheaper).