Modern technologies develop with fantastic speed, and it’s hard to deny that they impact significantly how people run their businesses. Particularly after the pandemic hit, video conferencing technologies developed rapidly to provide seamless remote work and communication for other purposes. Thus, many platforms appeared and grew. The iMind platform existed long before the pandemic, but in recent years it transformed incredibly to meet the requirements of regular users and business clients. So what is

Why video conferencing is so important

We mentioned only one reason that made the use of video call technology skyrocket. But it only proved the benefits that advanced video conferencing platforms have always had. Among them, we underline:

  • time-saving;
  • resource-saving;
  • effort-saving;
  • the multi-purpose potential of use;
  • productivity raising, etc.

These benefits describe the general comfort of using video calls. To quickly contact your colleague or boss with some urgent question, you don’t need to challenge yourself to explain everything with your voice. You are able to talk from almost any location, show things that make you struggle to complete the task by screen sharing, and instantly see the reaction and solution of a problem. Meetings are far easier to conduct if gathering people remotely. Task distribution is faster for remote teams. And many other examples can be presented here.

The significant value of video conferences lies in conformity to the modern lifestyle. People want issues to be solved quickly, decisions to be made instantly, and other deals to be finished shortly. In other words, the best result within the least time spent. And video conferencing is the best tool to transform it into reality. 

The iMind platform

The iMind platform is a solution to provide remote personal and business communication. It touches upon video and sound connection, chat for business, and other functions to exchange information without hassle. 

The platform was launched around ten years ago, and the first milestone that made the world notice is a world record. The team managed to organize the most large-scale online training that was recorded in the Guinness World Records 2012. Since then, the platform established cooperation with the largest connection providers and succeeded in many projects. 

The latest updates of the system offer its users a wide range of features corresponding to the modern requirements of quality, speed, and security. Working with the iMind platform is simple and pleasant, and you can find some proofs below in the list of the most appreciated functionality of the software. 

Best features provided by iMind

The iMind system is full of functions that help deal with different purposes. The platform fits well the requirements of the regular meeting, some longer periodic meetings that require a more considerate approach, or other types of conferences. Due to the complex functionality, it opens more possibilities for interactive calls and creative events. 

Among the most useful features provided by the platform, you will find:

  • an opportunity to use the app for no charge – of course, the functions are limited, but the key features are available for regular users;
  • among those features that do not depend on the plan – four-hours seamless video and sound connection with your interlocutors;
  • high video quality, offering you smooth movements and the function of blurring the background;
  • high sound quality, releasing you from the terror of background noise;
  • meeting rooms, easy to join and create – you have to write the name of the link and share it, or go by the link shared to join a conference;
  • you can create and share up to ten rooms for no charge;
  • the customizable waiting rooms making it possible to set your preferred picture or a company logo to the background;
  • an advantage to using the platform in a browser, without the necessity to download the desktop version;
  • a possibility to set the volume of participants;
  • a function of simultaneous screen sharing – the number of participants sharing their screens depends on the plan you choose;
  • opportunities for recording the conferences: recording does not stop when you leave, you can cloud save them to watch and share later, and the Pro plan enables you to conduct even simultaneous recordings of several conferences.

And, of course, this list does not contain all the features worth attention to. For example, one of the security features offers you a chance to look at those people who want to join the conference before they join. It prevents unpleasant situations when people not invited to participate are trying to enter – who knows what intentions they have. It’s better to visit to learn more about the plans and pricing. 

Video conferencing is an indisputable advantage for most businesses. It creates possibilities and provides the comfort of remote work. By choosing the iMind video conferencing platform, you get the complex of well-integrated functions to help you get the best result possible.

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