We all have a relatively clear idea of when we need a virtual assistant – when we are missing out on opportunities because we are too busy doing administrative tasks, or we can’t seem to take a break from our duties and focus on what matters – which is work/life balance. But there are other, more subtle signs that you may need help with – and too often, we get caught up in the big picture to pay attention to these minor signs. These small signs are equally vital as the obvious signs. What if you’re still debating whether you should get a virtual assistant and can’t quite make up your mind? Here’s a list of lesser-known signs you may need a virtual assistant – so let’s have a look.

The cost of being constantly distracted

Did you know that it was found in a recent study that it takes employees around 11 minutes to tackle a specific project before becoming distracted, after which it takes them another 25 minutes to get back to their initial task – that is, if they get back to it at all! This is what it takes to be distracted – and the hidden costs of it all. For example, let’s say you receive a call at work, and you spend so much time on that call that you can’t go back to what you were originally doing – so instead of finishing your original task, you end up taking your time or simply not finishing it at all!

Answering the telephone can be a distraction, but so is interacting on social media, dealing with customer queries or complaints, sending email responses, and managing CRM software, amongst others. You are getting too distracted by doing all these things, which will ultimately impact your bottom line. But having a virtual assistant lessens your distractions as they can take care of these tasks for you.

The growth factor

For many entrepreneurs and business owners, hiring new employees is a headache and a hurdle. Think about it – you have to contend with taxes, salaries, and benefits, not to mention interviews and training. What if you’re not ready for all of that yet still want to take someone new to join your team? This is where a virtual assistant can come in – allowing you to expand and grow without the necessary hurdles and headaches.

Did you know that a virtual assistant can save you up to 78 per cent of your operating expenses each year? They can work part-time and freelance, which saves you the trouble of dealing with payroll and taxes, and since they work per hour, you can save more money, too. And the best thing about the whole thing is that you can try it out first and see if it works for you – if it doesn’t, no problem. There’s no commitment – unlike hiring someone full-time who may end up not doing any work at all.

The period of growth

What if you need someone to help you manage growth? At some point, your business may start to grow; honestly speaking, you can’t do it all alone. You need someone who will not only fulfil administrative tasks – you need someone who can play a more significant role and take on more duties, and a virtual assistant can do all that for you.

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