In modern education, the method commonly called STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) has become the modus operandi many schools are choosing to focus on.

But in recent years some schools have begun to incorporate a more artistic focus on the STEM system. This system is called STEAM. With a focus on arts and humanities now, this educational method provides students a more well-rounded education. 

But outside of that, what are the big differences between them? If you’d like to learn more about STEM vs. STEAM, keep reading! 

What Is STEM?

Okay, first of all, what does STEM look like? When it comes down to it, STEM focuses solely on the sciences. Kids immersed in this learning method will hone their math skills, will focus on engineering methods and will have a stepping off point into scientific fields as they grow. 

These sorts of classes may focus on bridge building. Or medical and orthopedic fields. STEM studies have been proven to help students who may fall on the Autism Spectrum. 

STEM is something more and more schools are turning to because it has proven time and again to improve current and future educational methods

What Is STEAM?

So what do schools do if they want to incorporate a more artistic approach to their STEM educational practices?

Part of being human is expression. With a focus on the arts, more students may find more creative ways to express themselves. While some students thrive in a more scientific field, not every kid is the same. 

STEAM studies focus on problem-solving, not just the end result of said problem. They help students find creative ways out of a situation. This can lead to clearer end goals and also better self-expression.

More schools are turning back to arts and humanities in hopes of further rounding out the young minds coming through their doors. STEAM programs are varied. Allowing students to use arts to navigate difficult scientific issues may help them thrive in the future. 

STEM vs. STEAM: The Basics 

Where does this leave us?

In recent years more and more educational departments have begun focusing more on science education. While this may help some students thrive-especially those on the Autism Spectrum-it may not be the most well-rounded sort of educational method.

With a focus on the arts as well as the sciences, schools are preparing their students for a colorful world where not everything is black and white. With improved problem-solving skills and better ways to express themselves, students can head into higher education with a better tool belt at their disposal. 

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STEM vs. STEAM will always be an ongoing debate for parents and educators. But there are so many ways to educate kids that will guarantee they’re well-rounded and happy. 

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