Cloud-based technology is making a huge impact around the world. The ability to access – and make changes to – data from multiple different devices represents a very useful time-saving innovation.

There are thousands of applications for cloud-based technology. However, the potential within this technology is continuing to reveal itself. For example, a digital solution for lost house keys was recently unveiled at the CES Tech Show.

Arguably, the most well-known cloud-based system is Apple’s iCloud, which seamlessly integrates data – including photographs, videos, music, documents and contacts between computers and devices.

The Advantages of Cloud Technology

The benefits of using cloud technology are the same, whether you are using it for business or your own personal use:

    • Efficiency and Flexibility – No more emailing documents and photos to yourself! Any new files are instantly made available across all devices, whilst existing files are automatically updated when changes are made to them. For example, people working in a co-working space may benefit from being able to access their documents remotely.
    • Sharing and Collaboration – Cloud storage providers such as Dropbox allow users to easily share data with others – whether sharing photographs with friends and family, or working on a collaborative project for school or work.
  • Security – Most modern cloud-based systems are very secure and only accessed via a password or fingerprint ID. Additionally, there is no risk of you losing your files if your device is lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Space to Grow – Additional cloud storage can easily be purchased; there’s no need to buy an additional hard drive to store your extra data!
  • Free Up Device Space – Cloud storage removes the need to physically store data on all of your devices. Instead, you can download the data from the cloud as and when you need it.

Business and Cloud-Based Technology

In the world of business, improved productivity is the key benefit of using cloud-based technology. There are many possible applications for this versatile technology, but how could cloud payroll benefit your business?

Cloud Payroll

Having a slick and efficient payroll system is vital to the success of any business. However, it can be difficult to find a system that works consistently well. Fundamentally, the very process of paying your employees can represent a significant cost to your business – even more so if something goes wrong.

Cloud payroll systems, such as those offered by Moorepay help you to get your payroll right first time. But what makes cloud payroll the best option for your business?

Here are 3 Ways Cloud Payrolls Can Help Your Business

  1. Efficiency – Processing payroll data is a time-consuming business. As much of the cloud-based payroll system is automated, administration costs are massively reduced, freeing up time for jobs that will actually make your business money.
  2. Error Reduction – Employees are able to directly feed their timesheets and expenses into the payroll system, minimising the opportunity for human error. In addition, cloud payroll systems offer tools to ensure you are in line with the latest regulatory changes.
  3. Analytics – Cloud payroll integrates all of your data, giving you access to useful reports and analytics, which will help you to run a more profitable business.

Overall, cloud-based technology represents one of the most time-saving and versatile technological innovations of recent times. It is making a huge impression on our daily lives, but also helping businesses to operate much more efficiently and profitably.

How has cloud technology shaped your life?

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