Sweater and skirt combos for the winter are excellent ways to liven up the drab gray days after the New Year. Here’s what the fashionistas in New York and in Paris are recommending to make 2019 both beautiful and functional:

Neutral sweater/black leather skirt

Take a white sweater and give it a tough girl appeal with a black patent leather skirt. The best time to buy white cashmere sweaters and patent leather skirts is right after the New Year, when prices plummet as stores frantically try to get rid of their overstock.

Country knit sweater/print skirt

Take a masculine fisherman’s turtleneck, all chunky and earthy, and combine it with a dark polka dot skirt for a dazzling effect that plainly says “This girl is cute, but not to be messed with.”

Belted cardigan sweater/pleated skirt

For the MBA-bound woman who takes her career and her wardrobe seriously, there’s nothing more chic for 2019 than a classic v-neck cardigan with cinched waist and a billowy pleated skirt. It’s comfort and style to the max.

Classic v-neck sweater/velvet skirt

The feel of velvet against the thighs as a girl walks through the hotspots downtown is sweet, sweet pleasure. And when she includes a louche v-neck off-white sweater, the effect is doubled. Time to party in perfect style!

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