The millennial market is perhaps the most fought over in the entire nation. Everyone knows that they are the largest American generation in history, and this prompts every company to want to figure out the best tactics to entice as many of that age group as possible. One has to wonder if using a direct mailing list to reach them could still possibly work. The folks at® can show you the best way to reach millennials.

Leave Your Assumptions at the Door

There is a strong assumption among many that the millennial generation would never be responsive to a direct mail campaign. Everything in the media focuses on social media campaigns and other high-tech ways to reach out to customers. However, real research has shown that young people actually do like to receive mail directly. In fact, they like it even more than those from other generations. Who would have assumed that?

Keeping It Cost Effective

Social media and internet campaigns are great, but they do get costly in some cases. These websites understand that they are getting your message in front of thousands, if not millions, of eyes. They know that they can charge a significant amount of money for this privilege.

Instead of paying out the nose for a campaign like this, many have decided to go back to direct mail marketing to try to get their message out there. Even if their advertisements are not completely effective, at least they are not burning through as much money as someone who puts all of their chips in social media advertising.

Make the Mail Stand Out

To avoid landing one’s advertisement among the pile of discarded junk mail, it is important to make it look appealing. Some take this to mean that they should make their direct mail pieces gimmicky, but that is not necessarily a great idea when trying to reach millennials. The younger audience has understood for a long time what those gimmicky mailers are trying to do, and they do not appreciate being pitched to in that way. Instead, you might consider simply making the mail interesting to look at and hopefully to open.

Offering a small gift or token of appreciation is a great way to get someone to open a piece of mail. It also creates a bond between yourself and the person who opens the mail. That may be a bond that actually causes them to purchase from you, or at least think of the relationship in a different way.

Local Businesses Can Benefit the Most

Local businesses should advertise by mail not only because it is more cost-effective for them to do so, but also because millennials want to hear from those companies. They already hear from the national brands all the time online. When they get a piece of mail from a local business, it feels more personalized. Having the ability to make that personal appeal to someone is a great way to gain their trust and their business. You can hardly craft a better business model to use than this. Millennials love it and your bottom line will love it as well when you end up selling far more to the local community than you ever realized was possible.

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