People actually have a dedicated drawer in which to keep the plastic bags that they have accumulated over the many past months and years. This is a terrible habit to have gotten into, and it really needs to stop today. We use plastic bags for everything in our lives, and it’s having a very negative effect on the environment. Fair enough, they are extremely handy to have, and when shops just keep handing them out to you, there is no way that you’re going to turn one down. However, if you saw the real harm that these plastic bags are causing to our environment, you might stop for a moment and think again.

Rather than continuing to collect these plastic bags, you could go in a completely different direction, and start using Onya UK’s large reusable shopping bags. These reusable shopping bags will get you into better habits, and so the next time you go to the local store, you will decline that plastic bag because you have a reusable bag of your own. If someone were to ask you, what are five things worth investing in, you should respond by saying that one of them is a reusable shopping bag. As well as being extremely beneficial to the environment, starting to use reusable shopping bags offers up many additional benefits, and here are some of those.

  • It saves space – As mentioned briefly before, rather than cluttering up your whole house with possibly hundreds of plastic bags, you only need the space for one or two reusable shopping bags. If you stop for a moment and think about the number of plastic bags that you take home in any given month, that adds up to a lot. If you did a quick spring clean, you would probably find that there are literally hundreds of plastic bags in all shapes and sizes, all around your home. Declutter your house today of these plastic bags, find a way to get them recycled responsibly, and then stop using them altogether.
  • It saves resources – Plastic bags are made using oil and natural gas, and then we are using even more energy to get them from the factory, to the stores. Once you start using your reusable shopping bag, you are reducing the amount of  resources that are necessary to create plastic bags. Think of the money that your local government spends cleaning up these bags every single year, and all of that money will be saved. As well as causing irreparable damage to the environment, you have to look at these plastic bags stuck in trees and hedgerows all across the country.
  • It puts money in your pocket – All stores now, right across the United Kingdom are charging extra money for plastic bags, and it is a very welcome change. If you have to keep paying out for a bag every time you go shopping, you would be looking at many hundreds of pounds a year for that. Making a one-off purchase of a reusable shopping bag, means that you don’t have to keep putting your hand in your pocket, to hand out five or ten pence for a plastic bag. To learn more about how you can help the environment, have a look here.

These are only three of the numerous benefits for getting yourself a reusable shopping bag. It doesn’t make sense to keep spending money every time you go shopping, to get a plastic bag and then stick it in a drawer somewhere, where it will never be used again. Be smart, and get yourself a reusable shopping bag.

By Manager