When summer rolls around, gardens gleam and bloom into life. However, they only do so if you’ve taken the necessary steps leading up to the warmer seasons; but what’re these tips and tricks you need to know? 

There’re many ways to give your garden an extra kick of growth and energy, and the good news is you can get things going right now. Consequently, here’s how to prepare your garden for the summer. 

Enriching the soil

Plants can’t grow if your garden’s soil is dank, messy and lacking nutrients. Many novice gardeners often forget that growing plants isn’t just a case of chucking seeds into soil alone – the soil itself needs to be well cared for and properly maintained, especially after chaotic winters and hectic springs. But how can you do this?

Make a quick start here by digging over your borders, just to let the soil breathe and loosen up. Then, add compost and fertiliser, which will replace and rejuvenate the nutrients found therein. Be sure to yank up any weeds you uncover, as you don’t want these sprouting up and causing complications. It’s all about rejuvenation! 

Refine and grow

The conditions of your garden should be immaculate for summertime, because not only is it a boost in aesthetics, but it also improves the health and wellbeing of all life you opt to grow and maintain. Before you plant seeds, mow your lawn and use some SGS strimmers to tidy up the corners with a quality finish. After that, you’ll have a perfect lawn that’s fresh and strong.

Grow your own flowers from seeds around the borders too. Get your packets and seed trays, plant those in plenty of time for the summer. Incorporate bulbs into the borders too! Remember, some indoor plants can also make a move outside too in the summer seasons, so get ensure your plants get the best out of everything by shifting them around some. 

Painting woodwork

Once all the greenery seems to be in check, move on to any furniture or fencing you have around your garden. It’ll most likely look weathered by now, so why not give it another coating of paint. This will update the look of your garden more fully and ensure that the whole space looks new and regenerated. 

Maintaining outdoor wood can feel like an uphill and repetitive battle, but really the same rules around your plants apply here. Fences, benches, chairs – they’ll all need to be updated every summer just to keep them crisp and clean. 


You can prepare your garden for summer by first focusing on lawns and plant life, and then moving on to luxuries like furniture. It’s important to carry everything out in this order, because the plants need every second of the summer season to really blossom and bloom to their full potential. After all of this, you’ll have a perfect garden on your hands! 

By admin