Vacuum cleaners are the most important appliances when it comes to cleaning the home. While vacuuming is not the only way to clean, it’s still very essential, so everyone should have a good understanding of how to do it better. It might not be rocket science, but you should always strive to vacuum your home as effectively as possible, to have both a cleaner home and more free time.

Vacuum more than once

People often have a habit of vacuuming only once in any given area, and then move on. This is not the most effective because that way you’d leave a lot of dust and debris unattended to. Always make sure to vacuum more than once in the area, sometimes even up to three times, and each time vacuum from different directions. That way you’ll catch any piece of dust that might have escaped your earlier vacuuming efforts. This is especially essential if you have pets with long hair.

Schedule the cleaning

You don’t always have to vacuum every day, but it pays to create a schedule for vacuuming, and then stick to it. Most homes are good to go after one weekly vacuuming, but in to be as efficient as possible, try to set one specific time and day for vacuuming. That way you’ll always be aware when your home needs cleaning, and you’ll better plan the rest of the day.

Carefully maintain the cleaner

Maintenance is an important factor in having a clean and tidy home. No vacuum cleaner can operate indefinitely, but you can always prolong its life by keeping it well-maintained. Things, like emptying the bags or canister, changing the filters, and having spares for just about any vacuum emergency, are quite important. For example, if you need miele spares, always find a shop that you trust has good parts. Shops like Spare2You are a good choice when it comes to spares.

Always dust before vacuuming

This might seem common sense, but a lot of people seem to forget that dusting will stir the dust that has settled on higher surfaces, which will then fall on the ground. If you’ve vacuumed recently this can feel devastating, because it might ultimately appear like you haven’t done enough work around the home. When dusting, always start from taller objects, and then move further down, only to finish with vacuuming the whole room.

Move heavy furniture once in a while

Most furniture don’t need to be moved around often. However, every once in a while, maybe every month or two, moving it around can reveal dusty spots that desperately need vacuuming. That will give the room an even tidier feel, as there will be no dust slightly bursting from underneath the furniture. These hard to reach places are critical in keeping the room clean, so don’t forget to clean them when necessary.

Vacuuming is almost like a ritual. Make sure to do it as efficiently as possible, because your home’s cleanliness completely depends on it.