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Car hire has always been associated with a lot of additional charges, high rates and poor customer service from the car hire companies.

Lots of grumbles have been experienced by people who hire cars including unforeseen charges which many don’t plan for.

Here is some car hire insider tips, you can benefit from:

  • Book Your Car in Advance

The further ahead of your trip you book, the better the price. No company would risk losing a client who wants to travel at a later date. It has been estimated that people can save up to £60 for a week’s car hire if they book in advance.

This not only reduces prices but also gives you the opportunity to select the car you would wish to travel in at very affordable prices.

  • Avoid Car Rental Companies at the Airport

Many people who travel wait until they are at their destination resort to avoid hiring cars at the airport. Those companies charge way higher than companies outside the airport.  

If you don’t know how to find a car hire company outside the airport, it is simple, just google car hire services at your location, make a call and they will come to pick you. Alternatively, you can get a shuttle to their offices.

  • Consider Fuel Costs

Many cars rental companies are known to offer cars with the full fuel tank. They give customers the option to return the car with its tank filled to the brim.

Don’t make the mistake of filling with fuel at a nearby station because prices are normally high; you should consider filling fuel in the surrounding areas. You can even compare prices so that you know the cheapest point to fuel the car before you return it.

  • Avoid Excess Car Hire Insurance Charges

Many companies may require you to pay insurance charges to cover you against risks. Some of these policies are unnecessary for example if a car hire company wants to cover you against injuries. Injuries are already covered on your travel insurance policy.

Another thing is the excess waiver charge which should be charged at the rental desk to avoid surprises. It covers all costs of car scratches and bumps, and in case you return it without any issues, you are supposed to be fully refunded.

  • Upgrades Are Always Costly Compared to Normal Cars

Do you love rolling in upgraded cars? That is perfect but have in mind that the cost is always higher compared to normal cars. If you are offered an upgraded car because what you ordered was not available, have it in writing that no extra charges will be imposed on you.

Most companies like charging clients after they have come back from their trip. If you are told there are extra charges, and you have already used the car, you will have no option but to pay.

  • Examine the Car for Damages

People who pay excess waivers are good to go but for those who prefer to drive without paying an excess waiver, be careful of damages. Examine the car and identify any existing damages, put them on the record before you take off.

On the road, be careful not to cause any bumps or scratches on the car because such damage will precipitate extra charges on you.

Another way of saving money is by buying all toll passes you may need during your travel before you start your journey. If possible, list all charges before you leave to make sure you don’t get caught by extra charges while on the trip or after your trip.

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