Losing a few pounds is easier said than done. While there are no shortcuts to a long-lasting figure and nothing worth having ever comes easy there are some things that can help you speed that process along. Before doing anything else, write down why you want to get in shape. Stick that note to the fridge or your mirror and be reminded of your goals every day. When you know and remember the why, the how-part is easy to do. Here are 13 quick tricks to get in shape.

1.     Switch to protein diet

If you want to get in shape and stay in shape, the most important thing, according to dailymail.co.uk is to change your diet. Do that before you start pushing your body and before you start exercising. Protein diet will help build muscle mass when you start your workouts and it also boosts your metabolism and leaves you feeling full for a longer time.

2.     Join a training group or workout with a partner

Working out alone is good for some people. However, most of us are extremely social beings and we want the support of others. Chances are, if your friend changes their diet, it will be easier for you to do it as well. Because of that, you should join a training group or start working out with a partner. You will have someone that understands you and supports you every step of the way. If you have the budget you could hire a personal trainer, you would get expert help on all the points in this post, improve you chances of success and much more.

3.     Set reasonable goals

If your goal is to lose weight or if it is to be more athletic, set reasonable goals. You cannot lose 50 pounds in one week. That cannot happen. No matter the teas, or the pills or whatever else you see on the ads out there. And if that happens, it’s definitely not healthy and you need to get yourself checked. Set reasonable goals and stick to them. Remember that results take time.

4.     Drink more water and get a reusable water bottle

When you drink more water, you feel less hungry. There are researches that show that people think they are hungry when they are actually thirsty. Next time you feel like you want a snack, drink water. And to remember that you need water, you should have a water bottle within reach at all times. Check out Kool8 if you still cannot find the bottle that shows your style and keeps you hydrated.

5.     Pace yourself

If you want to get in shape and stay in shape, you need to start slowly. Don’t go from being a couch potato to working out 6 days per week. Start slowly, 2 days per week in the gym is good for beginners. This may seem like a slow way to get the body you want, but actually, it prioritizes the most important part of weight loss – sticking to it.

6.     Change your mindset

Getting in shape is not just a physical game, it’s mental as well. Remember that you can do it. If you think you can’t you will give up after a week. You will have setbacks and bad days. You will want to quit, but remember, YOU CAN DO IT! You will get in shape and you will look better that you have ever before.

7.     Don’t be afraid to push yourself

If you are not sweaty and exhausted you are not doing it right. If nothing hurts the day after the exercise, you are not doing anything. Don’t be afraid of the pain. If it hurts, it means it works. And don’t complain that much, you won’t die even if it feels like you will. When you see the results, you will love the pain that makes your fat go away. To keep yourself energized after the exercise, switch to Protein Coffee. It will give you the energy boost you need and it will keep you awake. If you are not sure what type of protein coffee you should get, check out https://completenutrition.com/collections/maine-roast and their collection of tasty blends.

8.     Focus on full-body exercises

Including full-body exercises like squats, burpees, pushups and triceps dips in your workouts will help you get fit in less time than simply focusing on isolation muscle exercise. If you are not sure how or where to start, you can join a gym and workout with a trainer. They will help you find the best exercises for your body type and they will help reach your goal in a fast and safe way.

9.     Stop making excuses

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you start getting in shape once you become consistent with your workouts and quit your excuses for good. It does not matter if the gym is too far away or you’re too tired. You can find 15-30 minutes per day to exercise, walk, eat a healthy snack. Your life will get better and you will be better when you stop thinking of excuses.

10.  Stand up at least every hour

Nowadays we tend to sit down for way too long. That can be because we work too much or because we binge watch too many shows on our days off. We forget that we need to stretch our legs and just walk around. If you want to get in shape, get up and move! Even if it’s to go get a glass of water, call someone or just stand up. If you can’t remember, set up an alarm and get up every hour at least once.

11.  Walk for 20 minutes per day

As reported by Guardian, walking for about 20 minutes per day will help you get in shape really fast. No matter if it’s cold outside or too warm, you can spare 20 minutes and walk. Don’t use public transport or your car all the time. Go buy that new book from the store, but walk to it. And if you do that, you can buy something more expensive with the money you saved on transport.

12.  Don’t leave your home

Yep, that’s right. There are so many exercises you can do while you are sitting on your sofa. So, the gym being too far away is not an excuse anymore. Do some triceps dips and some lunges, and work those abs – all from the comfort of your own home.

By following these tips, you will start noticing the results in only a few weeks. Don’t expect miracles and don’t expect the body of your dreams to appear in a month. Stay focused on your goals, don’t give up and you will become the person you’ve always known you are!

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