How Cannabis Can Help Stressed Business Managers

Various studies have shown that business managers, no matter the type and size of their company, face a lot of stress in their daily work. 

They have to work as leaders, communicators, coordinators, planners, and problem-solvers, as well as handle the responsibilities of their daily lives.

With marijuana becoming legalized for medicinal or recreational purposes, many people under such a burden are turning to it to help them blow off steam. So, today, let’s take a look at whether cannabis can help with this, and if yes, how to do it properly.

Stress for Business Managers

Let’s first take a brief look at the types of pressure put on managers’ shoulders.

There are three main types of stress in the workplace – economic, personal, and business. Business owners carry the weight of all three, as, whatever happens, they take responsibility for themselves and their employees.

Cannabis and Stress

While the research is still inconclusive, several studies are attempting to find a link between cannabis and overall well-being. 

The results showed that the patients who inhaled cannabis saw a reduction in their feelings of stress and depression. As regards to anxiety, the implications are even more promising.

Moreover, there are differences in the effects according to the CBD and THC interaction. Research showed that the most significant stress reduction takes place when the subjects use high levels of both CBD and THC.

Maximizing the Effects

Although cannabis by itself can help you wind down, you should combine it with other stress-reducing practices. Of course, exercise, nutrition, and leading a generally healthy life all do wonders.

However, there are ways in which the setting where you intake it can also help. As with all other medication and practices, mindfulness is essential.

Consider your mindset as you’re entering the experience, as well as your immediate environment. It will help you better curate your experience and be crystal clear on your intentions.

You could put on some music or handle mindless, menial tasks, take a walk, or simply lie down and relax. If you work on improving your experience with your cannabis, the soothing effects will also enhance.

Intake Tips

If you’re considering adding in cannabis into your stress-relief routine, it may be challenging at first to understand how to get started for the best results. Here’s what you can do in that case.

Test Doses 

Start with consuming minimal amounts of cannabis. This amount may be just what you need to relax without impairing your performance. In this case, go for edibles or tinctures, as they make dosing much more manageable.

If you have trouble sleeping, consume larger doses before bed. Either way, start slow and see what amount works for your body and be careful with upping your intake. 

Mix CBD and THC 

THC is the most popular component of cannabis, but far from the only one. 

Another well-known is CBD, which doesn’t cause the famous ‘high’ but has many therapeutic effects. Especially if you’re taking it at work, being able to relax without getting ‘stoned’ will do you a lot of good.

Choose Your Strain

Cannabis comes in various strains, and some are more soothing than others.

Look into different strains and their properties, but in general, aim for Indica or Indica-dominant hybrids. This type is known for being more relaxing than its famous counterpart, Sativa. 

Extra Step: Grow Your Own

If the legislation in your state allows it, there’s an additional way that cannabis can help you relieve stress. You could go online and shop the products in seed form and then grow it yourself. Gardening is a proven way to relieve stress and promote a positive mood. 

The Bottom Line

If you do it intelligently, cannabis can be a great ally in helping you reduce stress and handle your workload with more ease.