In the modern age, technology has become so great, it has made jobs more demanding rather than easier. Most working professionals don’t get to leave their work at the office. If there’s a deadline, taking your work life home is mandatory. Besides that, if you have children, then taking care of mouths to feed fills much of the remaining time in your day. It’s a hard truth.

Another aspect of your life you would consider mandatory is your health. Finding time for your fitness is essential. This is often neglected by working professionals who also have family commitments. Once personal and working commitments are done for the day, many of us are tempted to say there’s “no time” to get to a gym, or simply feel there’s no energy left in the tank. 

So what is the answer to taking care of your health and fitness? 

You might have tried some home fitness programs you saw on YouTube, but never felt the desire to make it click or continue. You may have tried diet plans you saw on the Internet to encourage weight loss, but felt it was hard to stick with by the weekend and into the week ahead.  

So what can make these habits change?

A lot of these people have contemplated personal training in the past. The barrier for commitment has often evolved around a few factors – transport, gym fees, and getting home late at night. That’s just some of them.

Personal Training online and at home has become the new trend to overcome all this contemplation and remove those barriers. 

Let’s take a look at why this new form of business in the industry is becoming the most popular trend. 

1 – Less Commuting

We’re always looking to cut travel time regardless of what daily activities we have. The goal is to accomplish more in the day and have more free time in the evening. By committing to an online personal training program, we’re cutting the time of commuting to and from the gym. This can save anywhere between 45-90 minutes per day. This time can be used to finish deadlines for work or focus on other aspects of your health. This avoids the temptation to skip working out by having extra time to complete your important tasks. 

2 – Flexibility 

Online and in-home personal training offers more flexibility. If you’re a business professional who mainly conducts his/her work online, then it’s likely you might work from home a lot of the time. Regardless of whether you spend long hours at home, travel between hotels for meetings, or the last one at the office, you will always have access to personal training by reaching your fitness professional online. 

3 – Preparation

Going to the gym requires preparation. Going to a public facility requires you to bring a change of clothes before and after your session. If you’re looking to save money, you’ll also have to prepare a meal to bring for after your workout, including a protein shake or supplement. After your session, you’ll also need to freshen up. This involves bringing a towel and all the needed toiletries. Committing to an online personal training program at home saves a lot of hassle. Wear what you want, play your own music, and save even more time having to prepare going to the gym.

4 – Expenses

Personal training at a gym includes a lot of expenses. Firstly there are transport costs. Whether you drive or take public transport, you can be sure that this will total to a hefty expense by the end of the month. Then there are membership fees. Even if you’re only turning up at the gym to see your trainer, you’ll still have to pay your monthly subscription on top of your sessions and any additional costs for bits and bobs such as protein bars or towel service. 

5 – Consistency

As mentioned before, people have tried workout and diet plans in the past and not stuck with it. Online personal training provides ongoing support from a real individual. This makes this service more encouraging than following videos online. Most personal trainers will host a complimentary evaluation before getting started. Here they will timeline and highlight exactly what you’ll be doing over the coming months. This gives structure and continuity to the workout plan without the temptation to go off track. 

6 – Accountability

Making appointments for your fitness sessions makes them official and encourages responsibility. Knowing that your personal trainer has taken a professional approach to organising your progress holds you accountable to getting the work done and not cancelling frequently. To make fitness worthwhile, you must have a certain level of weekly commitment to get the results you are seeking. Accountability is another factor for not quitting early.

Why do personal trainers feel online and in home personal training is better business? 


Personal training is a hustle, especially for young or new trainers starting out. Building up a client base and earning a substantial living can be very hard. Especially in economic downturns, personal training is seen as a luxury and not an essential product to those who seek it. So throughout the course of life, personal trainers will see a drop in income. 

Fitness professionals are now seeing that they can earn more money and cut more expenses from online and in-home personal training. Due to the natural turnover of clients in the industry, they feel that online training offers more wiggle room to host more appointments in the day. This avoids taking such a financial hit by travelling around all day and having the odd person cancel here and there. All that transport can tally to a big expense. 

In home personal training is also a popular trend. Clients can pay their trainer directly, without the middle man of the gym. Gyms tend to charge trainers also for rental space. This means the client will most likely be charged more for the sessions from the trainer as a knock on effect. 


Fitness trainers need to practice what they preach and stay healthy. As the job naturally entails early mornings and finishing late appointments, saving time to help lead a particular lifestyle will always be a preference. To a lot of trainers this is more important than remuneration. The ability to train themselves, get a good nights sleep and post content to inspire their potential customers. Stressing to make your next appointment and constantly taking public transport can be disruptive in trying to lead this kind of life. If trainers can host appointments anywhere, anytime, they can make an informed decision to finish early and do something beneficial for themselves. Better yet, rather than spending all the time commuting in the evening, they can hit the gym instead.   

About The Author

Ben Walker is an entrepreneur in the fitness field in the UK and Canada. He is the owner and personal trainer of London Fitness. Ben continues to give business advice to personal trainers in the industry who are starting out. If you wish to seek more advice, he is interested to hear from you and would be delighted to answer your questions.

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