Researchers continue to study the relationship between practicing yoga on a regular basis and weight loss. While studies are still tentative about the direct link between weight loss and yoga, there is mounting evidence that the positive mindset and self image that comes from the regular practice of yoga is a key step in helping people conquer their weight challenges. Positive thinking helps to focus the mind on goals such as diet and exercise, which are proven methods of weight loss.

While yoga can always be practiced in private, most experts agree that yoga classes are more beneficial because of the sociality involved, and, to a lesser or greater extent, the competition participants feel in working out with each other. Make sure you take a class that is convenient for you, time wise and distance wise, and that you have a good sturdy yoga mat. It’s also a good idea to have several comfortable yoga tops

Whether you do yoga at home or in a studio, here are two easy poses to maintain mental balance and burn up maximum calories:

The plank

Standing in the exact center of your sturdy yoga mat, place your feet two feet apart, align your spine into a straight vertical line, tilt your head back until you can see the ceiling, then raise your arms above your head and clasp your hands together. Take several deep breaths, then stiffen your entire body for ten seconds, then relax it for ten seconds. Repeat six times. 

The toad

Squat as far down as you can without lifting your heels off your mat. If possible, touch your fingertips to the mat, first in front of you and then behind you, maintaining a steady balance while inhaling through the nostrils and exhaling out the mouth. Remain squatting for a full minute, then stand and stretch your arms out in front for a count of ten, and then repeat this squat and stretch routine a dozen more times. 

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