Travelling while on a budget can be challenging and this is even more true for university students. Recent studies have shown that more young people are choosing a higher education than ever before and yet, the majority still wish to see the world. What steps can you take?

Join a Rewards Program

There are many types of loyalty programmes which can help you put away money towards a trip in the future. From major retail centres to university-related shops, it pays to know what is available. Some of the best loyalty cards offer other perks such as frequent flyer miles. This is an obvious benefit if you are concerned about the rising price of airline fares.

Take Advantage of Your Social Network

One of the best ways to save money is to split your expenses with a friend. So, why not use social media to search for others who might have also been bitten by the wanderlust bug? Spreading the word in this manner is quite simple and you may very well find that someone else is just as eager to see the world while studying. 

Study Abroad for a Semester

Studying abroad is arguably the most cost-effective means of travelling while adhering to a budget due to the fact that the university in question will likely pay for a good portion of your expenses. It might even be possible to obtain an NVQ while away from your traditional settings.

The typical NVQ meaning is associated with vocational rewards and recognition. Not only can these programmes provide you with additional skill sets, but they look excellent on a resume when you finally leave university. 

Examine Internships

Internships are excellent ways to obtain experience within your chosen career. However, there are also times when an internship can allow you to travel. There are countless opportunities in this respect, so be sure to speak with your university counsellor to learn more about the available options.

What About Club Trips?

Many universities allow you to join on-campus travel clubs. The main intention behind these sanctioned organisations is to allow students to pool their money together. This helps to ease any financial burdens that might otherwise exist. Let us also remember that travel clubs are great ways to meet new people from all over the world. If your school does not offer this programme, research the Internet to determine if any such organisations are located within your immediate area. 

Life is short and travelling is an excellent way to create memories that will last for decades or longer. Students need to be aware of the possibilities at their disposal so that they can make an informed decision without breaking the bank. Are you looking for additional budget-friendly advice or would you like to learn more about how students can prepare a financial nest egg for the future? These are only a handful of topics covered on this website, so be sure to check back on a regular basis.