Safe travel for Americans seems in doubt this summer season on the island nation of the Dominican Republic, where tourist deaths have reached an alarming rate during the past several months. News media outlets have quoted Dominican government authorities extensively about the issue; they are adamant that there is no serious threat to any tourists. But in just six months ten previously healthy Americans have died under suspicious circumstances in the tropical nation — and their local death certificates, issued and signed by local medical authorities, all say pretty much the same thing; the deceased died of heart-related illnesses. This is not sitting well with the families of the deceased back in the States, who have gone on record as stating that their husbands, fathers, and sons were in reasonably good health prior to leaving for the Domincan Republic.

For now the major travel agencies in the United States are holding off on booking further reservations for their customers to the Dominican Republic. Right now this is not a major issue due to mostly just accidents with injuries, since the tropical nation does not host a great influx of tourists during the summer months. But when October rolls around there is going to be a serious demand for travel to the Dominican Republic, unless the mysterious deaths continue and officials continue to stonewall and be unable or unwilling to explain what really happened.

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