Bodyguards aren’t just for celebrities or politicians(although if you are, you should definitely check out executive protection jobs). Whether someone has made a threat against you or you are concerned about your general safety, hiring a bodyguard is an excellent idea. Other than guaranteed security, you will be able to enjoy true peace of mind going about your daily life unhindered by the threat of danger, injury or death. If you’re looking for bodyguard services in London, there are lots of security companies that will promise you the best bodyguard services. In such a time of need, you may be tempted to pick any random firm that comes your way, maybe the cheapest. But, this a decision that is not to be taken lightly. Here are some expert tips that will help you pick the best bodyguard services in London.

  1. Know What You Want

Before hiring a bodyguard in London, it’s advisable for you to know what you want first. There are different types of bodyguard services. For instance; there are bodyguards who will provide executive protection. This category entails bodyguards who protect senior dignitaries, politicians and corporate executives. On the other hand, talent protection bodyguards protect celebrities, sports professionals, musicians, actors, etc. Therefore, decide on the type of bodyguard you want before approaching security companies. While choosing the type of service you require. Also decide on the image you prefer. You can opt for one with a large heavy built bodyguard (overt) or a subtle (covert) bodyguard. In cases where there is a threat on your life, you may be swayed towards the overt option to act as a visual deterrent to any would be attackers. However, often the covert more discreet approach is more affective in repelling any attacks. The attacker does not recognise them as a threat, nor do they take into consideration their awareness and training, therefore the attacker will let their guard down, be identified by the bodyguard and mitigated.

  1. Do Your Research

As mentioned above, the temptation to hire a bodyguard from the first and cheapest security company may be high. But, don’t rush into making a decision. Make sure you weigh up all of your options carefully. There are literally hundreds of security firms in London, you only have to Google ‘Bodyguard Services London’ to see a plethora of security companies appear. You should then view each of the firms, one by one. Check the bodyguard services provided, judge from their website whether they seem professional or not. You can also decide to do a follow up on their social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter to see if their professionalism extends on social media. From there you can then decide if you’re going to take these further steps:

  1. Check Reviews

There’s no better way of identifying the best bodyguard services in London than going through reviews. One of the best places for you to actually get genuine and honest reviews is on social media platforms. When checking their social media page, be on the lookout for what people are saying on their posts. If they are positive, you can go ahead and seek their services. Don’t forget to check their ratings on review sites such as, FreeIndex, TrustPilot and the like.

  1. Reach Out to the Service Provider

By the time you reach this step, you should already have at least three or four security service providers in mind. You can proceed to calling and asking them to tell you more about their bodyguard services. A reputable and genuine security service provider will answer you and clearly outline the services available including clear costs. The security provider should help you in deciding the suitable security services for you.

Below are some of the questions that you should ask:

  • The experience and training of the bodyguards.
  • The scope of bodyguard services offered.
  • The total cost and any potential added expenses.
  • The terms and conditions of the payment and services provided.
  • Their licensing, certification and insurance cover – this is extremely important!

Before making the call, write down some of the questions that you have in mind. This will help remind you what you needed to enquire about and write down the answers.

  1. Make the Right Decision

At this point, you will be pretty sure of which company you are going to hire. You will have filtered the wheat from the chaff and hopefully decided on the best bodyguard service providers in London for your situation and needs. The best security firm should always stand out from the crowd without having to sway you into hiring them through pressure sales or so-called discounts.

The above are five helpful tips that won’t only direct you to the best bodyguard services in London but will help you make an informed decision. When it comes to matters of security, it’s always advisable to work only with the best. You should only hire a reliable, and genuine close protection company that you feel comfortable with.

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