Air travel has significantly decreased since the pandemic occurred, but recently, people have begun taking to the skies again. So what’s changed, and what do you need to keep an eye out for? 

Passengers aren’t the only ones who’ve been affected by the drop in flights. Cabin crews and pilots have also taken a knock in terms of job stability and income. Not only do airline pilots have to worry about their future, but they also have tax obligations to still adhere to, and this link explains how they should do it.

Stay Safe While Flying

Gone are the days of deciding last minute to travel somewhere. Now you need to be adequately prepared before you fly, to the extent where you need a negative Covid-19 result to board. All these measures are in place to keep passengers and crew as safe as possible. 

Being in a confined space with others is something most people are trying to steer clear of at the moment. When flying, this is unavoidable. Sticking to these tips will bring you some peace of mind during your trip. 

Use a Mask

Making use of the proper PPE mask has become a requirement from many airlines. If the idea of wearing a mask for a prolonged period isn’t appealing, try a protective shield. Ensure you wear a mask if you have any flu-like symptoms to keep yourself and others safe. 

Keep Hand Sanitizer Close By

It isn’t always possible to wash your hands, and in these cases, you should make sure you have an alcohol-based sanitizer. Make sure to disinfect before you eat or after you’ve coughed or sneezed. 

Once you’re able to wash your hands, do so for about twenty seconds and use a good deal of soap and water. It becomes doubly important when in a confined space, so take care to be as hygienic as possible.  

Choose a Flight at an Awkward Time

Flying at a somewhat inconvenient time increases your chances of being on a flight that’s not as full. It’s easier to observe social distancing when there are fewer people around you. It’ll allow you some peace of mind. 

Wipe Down Surfaces

Any surface that’s used by multiple people needs disinfecting before you use them. Viruses linger on tabletops and objects, making them a breeding ground for all kinds of diseases. On the plane, take the antiseptic wipes they provide and clean your tray and armrest before you get comfortable. 

Don’t Have Physical Contact with Others

Complying with social distancing is something we all have to do. What this means is that you should avoid all forms of physical contact whenever possible. Unnecessary touching only provides a conduit for the virus to spread.

In a Nutshell

Following these straightforward tips can improve how you operate while traveling. Despite the new regulations, you should still try and make the journey as comfortable as you can. Don’t make the experience unpleasant and remember that others are going through the same thing as you.