Materials used for commercial structures have to be given more contemplation. There are a lot of factors that have to be considered before choosing the right structural material. Incorporating glass into strong structures is a more common practice now, especially in storefronts and in tall business buildings.  

Certain factors are considered to choose the right type of glass for a storefront or a business. These include safety, quality, energy efficiency, and style. You can choose the type of glass in consonance with the factor which you prioritize.

Here is a list of types of glass that are most suitable for storefronts and business use.

1. Transparent Glass

Transparent or clear glass is the most common type of glass used in storefronts. The unobstructed view is mainly the priority of sellers who wish to showcase their items to gain more customers. A clear and confident display of the items increases the chances of higher sales for business owners. 

2. Tinted Glass

Privacy may be a bigger concern for some stores, however, tinted glass offers just the privacy a store might need. Passersby can still peek through the tinted/coated glass. It’s up to the owner of the building if he wants complete privacy with darker shades of tinted glass or if he allows glances with a lighter range of shades. Another advantage of tinted glass is that it keeps the inside of the building cool during hot days when the scorching beams are too harsh to bear.

3. Frosted Glass

Businesses often use frosted glass to give a shiny and aesthetic look to the building. It also adds to the privacy of the building with its darker shade of tinting. Frosted glass maintains privacy and also gives the illusion of a more roomy building.

4. Safety Glass

A commercial building needs to prioritize safety. There is a variety of safety glasses that come in transparent, tinted, and frosted versions. Safety glass saves from possible accidents due to its composition. It is manufactured in such a manner that it can withstand more force. Also, a safety glass will not break into large dangerous pieces but it will shatter into smaller, less harmful ones. 

Following are some types of safety glass:

  • Tempered glass

It is a highly recommended type of glass due to its high endurance and toughness. The best part is that its broken pieces are smooth with rounded edges and so there are very few chances of people getting hurt. 

  • Security glass

Ultra security is provided with this tough type. It is exceptionally strong and henceforth can prevent bullets and explosion reactions. Conveniently, there are levels of toughness in security glasses and one can choose the level he requires.  

  • Laminated glass

Laminated glass is gaining popularity in businesses where sound insulation is needed. It also tends to resist acts of vandalism, protect the workers from UV rays, save the store interior from the harmful effect of the scorching sun, and Nowadays it is also used in storefronts, windows, and curtain walls to protect upgrade sound attenuation.

  • Wired glass

If our place needs high security then this might be the best choice. Wired glass is manufactured by embedding a steel wire mesh amidst two layers of molten glass in an uninterrupted rolling process.

5. Insulated Glass

Insulation is a major concern for commercial buildings. Here are the most popular types of insulated glass.

  • Dual-pane glass
  • Gas-filled glass
  • Treated glass

As one of the famous glass door repair NYC company puts it,

Insulated glass improves the efficiency by containing energy losses.”

All the three types mentioned above help in insulation by reducing heat gain and heat loss and hence minimizing the heat transfer which in turn saves energy.