Motorhomes, particularly in the UK, get a bad reputation for being cheap, cramped, and tacky; however, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Motorhomes are a great way to explore the country in style and comfort and combine the best things about hotels and campsites. They’re a vehicle that can free you and allows you to enjoy nature. 

There are so many good reasons to buy a brand new or even a second-hand motorhome, but here are just five reasons why. 

You Can Pack Heavy 

When camping, what you can bring with you is limited by what you can comfortably carry, meaning that you might have to pack light and only take with you the essentials. With a motorhome, this isn’t an issue as you have ample space to fill as much or as little as you like, which gives you plenty of wardrobe options, meaning your equally equipped to spend some time in a forest as much as you are a day in town, while also making sure you’re well-stocked for the elements. 

There are No Limits 

The fact that you have your accommodation with you when driving in a motorhome means that you’re free to do what you want to do and go wherever you want to go without the hassle of thinking about booking a hotel. This means that you can be spontaneous and visit wherever you like on a whim because you know you’ll always be prepared.

Cheaper Holidays 

The initial expense of buying a motorhome can be pretty expensive, although it can be made cheaper with Auto Finance Online, however, once you own a motorhome, you’ll find that you’ll be saving an obscene amount of money on each excursion. With a motorhome, you’re not spending money on hotels or flights. All you have to worry about is fuel, food and the occasional fee to stay at a motorhome park. It makes plenty of holidays more affordable and more viable for a lot of people. 

You Have All the Facilities You Need

Motorhomes aren’t just an alternative to camping or hotels: they’re a good, comfortable alternative. Most caravans have within them a toilet, shower and even cooking utensils like a stove. This can make things so much easier, and also improves privacy as you constantly have your own space. Quickly enough, after a few trips, you’ll find that your caravan or motorhome will become your home away from home, and there’s nothing much better than the comfort that brings.

You Can Sleep in

When staying over at a hotel, you usually have a very early time that you have to check out by. This can make you feel rushed, and not to mention a little groggy if the night before was a particularly late one. 

With a motorhome or caravan, the majority of the time, you’re in control, meaning that if you’re tired, you can stay in for a long as you want. There is never a sense of you being rushed when holidaying with a caravan, meaning that you can take your time, and unwind while you appreciate the world around you. 

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