Media entrepreneurs have seen their industry undergo dramatic changes over the course of the last several years, the likes of which few could have anticipated. Ken Kurson and other savvy media entrepreneurs have used this opportunity to capitalize on the digital transformation that has taken the media world by storm. Indeed, the print media outlet is a thing of the past – and continues being shifted to the side in favor of more accessible digital outlets and platforms.

User-friendly platforms happen to be more in line with the realities of the present media environment. That should not be taken for granted by publishers and their editors. Media properties need to survive in order to continue serving as an effective check and balance on the powers that be in our government. Those in authoritative positions of government need to recognize that their steps and behavior will indeed be scrutinized by those in the media industry.

Ken Kurson cultivated these changes and used them as an opportunity to better comprehend a media property’s audience and the nature of that audience’s makeup. Indeed, thanks to the advent of Google analytics, editors and press barons have the ability to carefully follow the patterns of reader’s consumptions habits of the news. This provides an inherent value to editors and publishers that never existed pre-dating the technological transformation that we’ve all seen strike the media industry in recent years.

Smart and savvy figures in the media world have used this as an opportunity to better comprehend the needs, wants and desires of their audiences when it comes to content. High quality content surely needs to continue to be produced. But there are ways for publishers to better understand the type of quality content that their readers will naturally have greater appreciation for. Why not use these resources at their disposal?

Of course, any savvy publisher and editor will seek to better understand their reader’s interests when it comes to content, the reporters whose work they are especially drawn to; and other similar patterns. Ken Kurson is just one of many media entrepreneurs that has successfully chosen to better understand a media property’s readership due to the advent of Google analytics and the increasing amounts of data that are now available to publishers as a result of continued innovation in this space.

In turn, publishers can utilize this valuable information about their readers’ interests when it comes to what they especially appreciate reading about in order to produce high quality journalism that reflects their interests. None of this may seem initially revolutionary; but if used correctly, this information can truly increase the level of engagement between readers and news properties, and in turn lead to incredible audience development.