Render illustration of Restraining Orders title on the ground in a police arena

Nobody enters into a relationship assuming that it is going to end poorly; however, that is exactly what happened for one couple. A property tycoon has been forced to take out the equivalent of a restraining order (an AVO) against his former girlfriend after she showed up at his property in the middle of the night and buzzed the intercom. As if one wasn’t enough, it appears that she buzzed the intercom for five hours straight.

Nour Issa, which is a member of a wealthy clan from Sydney, has been accused by her ex-fiancé (Zaki Ameer) of this incident, which took place at the end of last year. Ameer is an investor who is known for bringing together some of the biggest deals in history and can be seen regularly rubbing shoulders with the prime minister Scott Morrison as well as Justin Hemmes, a known pub baron. Ameer decided that enough was enough and went to the police to try to put a stop to this alleged incident last November, according to documents that were issued by the courts. He states that Issa was able to get to his intercom using the key to his place that she had at the time.

As if five hours of buzzing the intercom might not have been enough, she actually returned later, at 2 pm that afternoon, and decided to buzz the intercom for another thirty minutes.

Records from the courts state that Ameer decided to break off the engagement after an argument of some sort. They had been dating for more than three and a half years before he needed things. At the time, Issa was in Dubai. It seems like Issa did not take the break-up very well, as she tried to return to Australia immediately and kept reaching out to Ameer to talk about it. Ameer was not interested, which has led to actions that appear to be desperation, according to the events that transpired in the court documents.

Issa went down to the police station to speak with the authorities after the AVO was filed. Police state that Issa has not denied going to the apartment. She also did not deny messaging him in the email. While she did give a different version of how the events unfolded, it is not clear what her version of the events is.

Issa has been told to stop contact Ameer and not to return to his apartment. It will be interesting to see what happens next. Without a doubt, being harassed like this in the middle of the night is enough to have an impact on even the most successful people. It is unclear where the court proceedings will go from here, but the hope is that both parties will be able to move on with their lives in a peaceful manner.

By John