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We must admit that most of us like the smell and feel of a vehicle that has just been driven out of the showroom. It is always nice to drive a new car, but a lot of the time it just isn’t an option. If you don’t mind investing in a used vehicle, there are lots of great bargains to be had. If you’re lucky, you could find something that is only a year and two old and looks as good as new. Here are some reasons to forget about a new car and go for an older model.

Save Money

Buying a used vehicle from Nene Overland saves you money. Most used car prices are over 50% lower than new models, which means you can put a lot of cash back into your pocket and still have a good quality vehicle to drive around in. You can always save money on a used car and put it aside to pay for a new model in the future. In the current climate, there are lots of used cars on the market, which makes it a perfect time to buy.

Deprecation has Passed

There are many ways to save money when hiring or buying vehicles. If you decide to go for a used model, you’ll be happy to know that the bulk of the depreciation has already passed. You aren’t the one who has taken the hit, the original owner had to witness the rapid depreciation on their new vehicle. With this in mind, you may want to buy a used car and sell it on at a similar price in the future. Did you know that the value of a new car can drop by up to 10% on the drive home? That is a lot of money to lose just because you choose to buy a new car.

No Hidden Costs

A deal on a new car may look great, but after you find out about hidden costs and extras, it doesn’t look so promising. Some new vehicles even have advertising fees and shipping charges, depending on where you are based. A used car doesn’t have any hidden fees or other charges, its usually what you see is what you get.

Fully Inspected & Certified

When you purchase a used car from a reputable dealership, you don’t have to worry about being scammed. Leading used car dealerships have all their vehicles inspected, refurbished, and certified by the manufacturer before they are driven onto the lot. When buying a used car in the UK, you can go online and check the authenticity of the vehicle. It will tell you if the vehicle is stolen or unsafe to drive.

When you buy a used car from a dealership you can trust, it gives you peace of mind. Although there are benefits to driving a new model, you can still find great bargains in the used car market. Purchasing a used car is better for the environment and it comes with lower customisation costs. A used car can provide quality transport for many years.

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