Now Social Media is having its impact not only on the world of the internet but in real life too. Social media marketing is a strategy used by business people by having their pages on social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook etc. to advertise and create awareness about their brands to the people.


Now Marketing includes not only telemarketing, door-to-door advertising, calls to the leads but also creating an emphasis about the brand advertising through promotions, creating various campaigns, managing the Search Engine Optimization, and developing other digital marketing strategies. The sole purpose of social media marketing is to promote and sell your e commerce products or services. It creates general awareness within the people and is a great tactic to increase online sales. Deciding the social media platform on which the marketing is done plays like a big deciding factor in deciding your overall business goals. Aside from the boost in sales in social media marketing the best advantage is the two-way interaction. This way you can know the feedback of your consumers, tell them about the latest technologies that your companies offer and inform them about offers and other schemes.

As you dive into the world of doing your business through social media marketing, follow the guidelines to keep your customers connected.

  1. Post an eye-catching content regularly: If the flow of your content is frequent and compelling the audience will always keep on coming back to see what’s new. One can also show their data comparing to their competitors. One can also use certain keywords to increase traffic through Search Engine Optimization. You can even schedule your future posts using tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer. Just integrate them with your browser or app and schedule posts to the social media page or platform you post on.
  2. Hold a conversation with your audience: Engagement is important with your audience. It helps to know the feedback of your content and your product. You can start your own hashtag so you do not miss out on any comments and reactions. It can be a twitter chat or a live session on Instagram. You can either hire a co-host or do it all on your own if you have great communication skills. This will also help you increase your followers on your social media platform.
  3. Share it!: The Share button on the social media platform is your key to increase your social media presence. In today’s era, anything can go viral. Be it a short 15 seconds video about a pet or a special feature of a product. If your posts get a click on that share button, on a huge scale then your traffic increases and it gives a major boost-up in your online sales. Ask followers to share your products as much as possible!
  4. Go with the Trend: If you have a good social media presence you will know the trend ongoing right now. This may be through the hashtags, especially on Instagram and Twitters where the majority of the people post their content with a hashtag. Align your content with the trending topic and share it with your audience on the Social Media platforms to get more likes, views, and shares. A relevant hashtag will eventually help you in getting your voice in the conversation as more people get attracted.
  5. Go HIGH on Visuals: We would highly recommend you to invest in visuals. Attach more images and graphs. This color and decoration attract more people to your content. Hire professionals who know how to work with Adobe Photoshop or other images editors. It will be all worth the investment, we promise! Choose an idea, research about it and identify points you might like to include. You can give extra information, like if your product is for a toothpaste tell the consumers how important it is to keep your enamel strong.

6. Show-off your Best Posts: As you create your presence on the social media platforms there’s a high chance that people would go through more of your content and check your stuff. Keep the cover photo of your page eye-catching. Pin your best posts on the top of your profile. Posts which have numerous shares and comments, or any upcoming event for your brand promotion. Insert the link to your web page to your brand on the profile. Article contributed by Hari babu from TechAriz!

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