For many travelers planning their European vacations for 2019, there is only one motto: “It’s the beach or nothing.”

European beaches are among the world’s best kept secrets. With an extensive shoreline and hundreds of islands dotting both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, European beaches are among the cleanest, safest, and choicest maritime retreats around — and for those looking for luxury as well as just a dip in the ocean, the hoteliers of Europe have been pampering seaside guests for over a century, so they really know their business.

Here are a few suggestions:

Paros, Greece.

In the Cyclades archipelago, Paros is an ancient fishing village with a beach that stretches off into the distance, with a host of quaint fishing barques that will bring you their fresh catch to grill right on the sand over a driftwood fire.

Sardinia, Italy.

Not a traditional beach holiday destination, the small Mediterranean island hides tiny beaches wrapped in towering coves of granite bristling with pine trees. A hired boat is needed to get to these gems — but once there, the solitary beauty is bre

Brac, Croatia.

The Dalmation coast is better known for yachting than beaches, but the small town of Brac boasts a spectacular public beach that locals call “The Pearl of the Adriatic.” The rocky cliffs nearby are a haven for dozens of different maritime birds that are not seen elsewhere in Europe.

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