RV motorhome in California

Sales of recreational vehicles (RVs) are hitting record highs following the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Craig Kirby, president of the RV association, that turn was unexpected and surprising for everyone. 

The ability to combine leisure with traveling in these times of increased social isolation, is a dream come true for avid travelers. In June 2020, the RV association reported a 10% increase in the number of vehicles shipped compared to the same statistic for 2019. 

The question is, why are trends changing dramatically in the RV industry when times are so hard in these pandemic days? Let’s drill down into the facts about how and why RV sales hit record levels in 2020 as a result of COVID-19.

How Recreational Vehicles Are Revolutionizing Remote Working

In the US, RV makers are offering convenient solutions for Americans to switch to working remotely in the event of a pandemic outbreak. Instead of staying at home, people can now ake out their RVs from self-storage and safely work from wherever they are. When a vehicle is equipped with comfy desks and workspaces that allow workers to move in freedom, it becomes very appealing in times like these. 

The RV association has stated that they didn’t see this massive demand coming. They estimate that around 50-80% of their buyers are first-time customers. This industry has now attracted a wider spectrum of buyers who know exactly what makes their lives more comfortable. 

In these RV’s, people can very easily prepare their own meals and enjoy a good night’s sleep. Many people may not want to fly these days. A great solution is the opportunity to stay safe in a hotel-like spacious vehicle. 

RV Sales and COVID-19 Impact

At the height of the COVID-19 crisis, roughly 2 billion people were staying in quarantine. Among them were frequent travelers who were eager to make up for the lost days as soon as restrictions were lifted. Around April 2020, the RV association recorded an 82% fall in the demand for their vehicles from the previous year. May 2020 saw that number stand at 30%. One could argue that these numbers are expected due to the global business slowdown. 

As COVID-19 case counts started to fall in many regions, nations were gradually easing their lockdown restrictions, and cautiously encouraging free movement of people with only minor limitations. This turnaround resulted in a steady growth in sales within the recreational vehicle market. 

Concerned Travelers Are Investing in Covid Campers

Travelers who want to explore new places amidst the coronavirus crisis are now looking at COVID campers. These are safe mobile alternatives to move through crowds and big cities without any cause for alarm for concern. Who would have thought that even COVID-19 could not prevent eager travelers from enjoying their vacations? 

COVID campers have now come in handy for those who are desperate to make the most of the great outdoors after months of dreadful lockdowns. Indeed it’s easier to obey social-distancing directives when you are in a completely self-contained space with your own kitchen, washroom, and bedroom.

To summarize, for many years, motorhomes and travel trailers have been on the radar of many workers and travelers. Now due to COVID-19, these people have now taken advantage of the freedom and flexibility that RVs bring.