Traveling can be costly, but now with the uptick in tourism, there are all sorts of ways to save when traveling. A few tricks can save you a lot of money in specific areas so you can spend more on what you want or put it away for your next trip. 


To start, we have a stranger mode of travel. Some people are happy to open up their couches or rooms to foreigners. It’s a great way to get to know new and exciting people often locals. Each person must verify themselves for security reasons. If you like adventure, this is a great way to go. 


There are two ways to save through Airbnb. First, renting an Airbnb is generally private and cheaper than a hotel. Not to mention, it usually feels homier than a hotel and often will have a kitchen available. Having a kitchen means that you can cook your meals, saving you lots of money.

Beyond that, it’s simple to put your house on Airbnb. If you become a host, it will generally pay back the expense of your living costs while you are on the trip. However, you might have to pay taxes on earnings. Tax lawyers can provide some help with that information, learn more about their services online. 

Travel apps

When going places, there are apps like Omio and Secret Flying, which are useful in finding the best discounts. Having several of them is a good idea. Some apps have better deals with some companies which might be more suited to your trip. Also, it’s smart to check with the company as well to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. 


While you are in the country, it is wise to do at least some shopping. You might find  deals on clothing better than at home. The real key to saving this way is that if you travel light and buy your clothes when you arrive, you will save on paying for added baggage allowance one way of your trip.

Free tours 

Many cities provide free walking tour options. Tours can wind up being expensive and a waste of time if they aren’t good. With the open opportunities, you will be able to see parts of the cities; sometimes, the average tourist doesn’t go to and get a better experience.

Be picky 

You don’t need to do and see everything. Take some time to think about what matters to you on this trip and aim to make a memorable itinerary. Do you like fine dining? Go but then choose free tours or wander the city. Would you like a great view? Find a lovely Airbnb or pay for a great hotel but eat cheap. Consider your options and go with a plan. 

Join a rewards program 

Many companies and apps now have benefits to encourage you to travel with them. Most airlines will also have frequent flier miles, all you need to do is check out what they have, and there is potential to save significant amounts of time and cash.

Ask the locals

Two restaurants in every city are precisely the same. One is a tourist trap and is expensive; the other is cheap. The way to get to the second one is to ask the locals. They will know the best places to shop or wine and dine. Make connections through apps like, Like Locals, if you haven’t got the courage to approach them head-on.

Get a City pass

Touristic cities often have passes that will give you reasonably good discounts. They often extend from public transportation to city tours. With the high cost of shipping in many cities along with annoyingly high rates, this is one of the best ways to save money if you want to do everything.

Travel smart!

Using even two of these tips may save you in the hundreds! Take a bit of time to plan for your trip, and you may be able to go away more often and have a better time while away. The wise go the miles. 

By John