Texas happens to be one of those
cool places people tend to know about for being the largest in all facets of
its existence. Perhaps the geographical size is the single most talked about
the quality of Texas, and for those people who are seeking to travel in the
state, discovering places to visit in Texas is as easy as it gets.

It may end up applying to those
people visiting the state from outside of Texas. Here is a question; How about
lifelong Texas residents that may have spent years within the Lone Star State
but may not have gotten the chance to travel outside of a particular area
during that period? Are you missing out on the Texas Hill Country near the
center of the state, even if you’re in North Texas either in D/FW or the
so-called “Texans” area? If you are in the Big Bend area, then are
the piney woods of east Texas worth the trip? And if you’re in the Texas
panhandle, does the Rio Grande Valley have anything that would get you to go on
that long trip?

“Yes,” That’s the
resounding short answer to these questions. Of course, checking out what Texas
has to offer is worth it. Damn, being a Texas resident with a six-figure
odometer reading and some particularly exciting stories about your travels is
what being a Texan is all about!

Here are the best five places to
visit for those Texas residents still unsure of where exactly they’d like their
next in-state adventure to be. Texas residents should check out these places:

The Alamo in San Antonio, TX

There is nothing a lot more Texan
that The Alarms. From the vestige of first battles for independence from
Mexico, this important historic site and building portray the Texas spirit like
few other places can. You may have visited this place as a kid on a field trip;
however, you owe it to yourself to venture through the site again to fully
appreciate its significance.

The San Jacinto Battle Monument & Museum in La Porte, TX

“Remember the Alamo!” A
strong battle-cry which later resulted in an eighteen-minute battle, Texas
handed a crushing defeat to Mexico and also paved the way for Texas
independence. Located in the Bay Area Houston region of Texas, this historic
site is a must-see.

The State Capital Building in Austin, TX

Apart from the fact that the
visitors can take either themed tours or Self-guided yours in the building, the
building itself is also a National Historic Landmark. It stands proudly and
magnificently in the Austin Skyline, and it has a prominent place in the city,
with a size of about 360,000 square feet.

The State Fair of Texas in Dallas, TX

Dallas becomes the place to visit
during State Fair for a month in the fall. Not only will you get the great
midway, turkey legs, and livestock show, but you also have live music, as well
as cultural celebrations and performances. The Fair Park is also home to the
Cotton Bowl, also known as the original home of the Dallas Cowboys, which hosts
the Texas l-OU rivalry college football game.

Washington on the Brazos State Historic Site in Washington, Tx

Washington-on-the-Brazos is just as crucial
as The Alamo & San Jacinto; it is the site of the Convention of 1836, where
the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed. This country’s forefathers
understood their criminal actions meant consequences directly in much the same
way, as well as those people representing Texas, did.

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