A mother recently found a solution that can help with her son’s cognitive difficulties. The boy had trouble paying attention in school and sleeping through the night. He would get overwhelmed and cry. He did not do well in school. His mother tried to help by giving him melatonin, but this did not help him. Fortunately, the mother was able to go to Neurocore for help.

Long-Term Results

The boy had a drastic turnaround after completing several Neurocore sessions. He has had a positive change in his behavior. He has an easier time doing his chores and completing his homework. Another woman in Grandville was able to use this clinic in order to get help for her son. She took her son to the clinic for his anxiety. It has been 23 months, and he is still anxiety-free. Both families have noticed an improvement in their children’s behavior.

Treatment Technologies

Neurocore uses biofeedback and neurofeedback in order to train the mind. It helps people who suffer from a wide range of mental problems including migraines, stress, ADHD, autism and depression. If a person cannot focus, then the treatment can help them. Children, teens and adults can benefit from this treatment. The clinic will use a neurofeedback program that works best for the patient.

Avoiding Medications

Many people turn to pharmaceuticals when they have health problems. However, it can be extremely expensive. Prescription drugs can also come with a variety of side effects. Furthermore, prescription drugs will only work temporarily.

People who take advantage of this system will be able to give up their medications. This treatment can benefit a large percentage of people. Ten percent of teens and adults have been diagnosed with ADHD.

How Does it Work?

People who go to the clinic will look at a movie while they are receiving treatment. Staff members will apply electrodes to the head and earlobes. A person’s brain waves, breathing speed and heart rate will be monitored. The system will use pictures in order to provide a person with feedback. It will reward the person by continuing to play the movie when the brain stays in balance.

If a person engages in unbalanced mental activity or stops breathing deeply, then the equipment will detect this change and take action. It will stop playing the movie or reduce the size of the picture. A person’s mind will automatically balance itself.

There is scientific evidence to suggest that this system really works. Data has shown that 75 percent of people are able to stop or reduce medication usage after receiving this treatment. People have not reported any side effects. There have not been any Better Business Bureau complaints.

Some insurance companies may pay for this treatment. If your insurance company does not pay, then there are other options. You can pay with cash, loans or a health savings account. Additionally, you may be able to get the cost of it cut by 20 to 60 percent if the patient comes from a low-income family.

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