In recent years London has regained the trendy edge it had back in the early 90’s, when Hollywood superstars, musicians, and bestselling writers made it their home away from home for working vacations and West End performances. Today the Big Blimey (as an influx of vacationing New Yorkers like to call it) is the top spot for celeb watching. Here are just a few of the places where a selfie with a celeb is a good bet:

The Swan is a pub right next to the reconstructed Globe theater, where Shakespeare’s greatest plays all had their premiers. It’s in the heart of London’s Theater District, and notables such as Jude Law and Dame Judi Dench have been known to pop in for pint of bitters from time to time.  

Harrods Department Store has been in business in London for almost two hundred years now, and it’s the only place in Great Britain where bright red fox hunting coats and authentic Wales Saddle Soap can still be purchased. English royalty is always being spotted at Harrods — after all, they are quite a horsey set.

Margaret Street, in Westminster. All the biggest talent agencies are located on Margaret Street, and the street is also lined with fish and chip shops that cater to the late night theatrical trade. People like Hugh Grant have often been spotted on Margaret Street, having lunch with a talent agent. Who knows who else might the sightseer might bump into while checking out the fish and chips?

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