Is NIF Important for Those Who Move to Portugal?

Regardless of what your professional activities are, it is a great idea to move to Portugal. This is an amazing place for freelancers, digital nomads, and future business owners (and those who already have their businesses and want to open one more in Portugal). But to be able to deal with the majority of crucial stuff, you will have to get a NIF number. This is a taxpayer ID that can be requested basically by anyone and at any time. So, let’s see what the answer to the key questions of the article is and what steps you need to take in order to receive a NIF number.

Is It That Necessary to Ask for NIF?

Not having a NIF number can become a real problem for those who want to work in Portugal. Besides, it will be rather hard to complete daily routine actions. That is why the answer is evident: it is an awesome idea to request NIF and this should be done as soon as possible.

Here is a list of situations that are closely linked to having NIF (this number has to be presented):

  1. Working in Portugal.
  2. Signing a mobile phone contract.
  3. Opening a bank account (this may be really important for those planning to establish their businesses in the country).
  4. Buying a property (this may sound really radical but why not consider this idea later?).
  5. Investing for the Golden visa.
  6. Studying at the university.
  7. Interacting with the Portuguese authorities when speaking of paying taxes.

So, the list seems to be quite relevant, doesn’t it? Besides, receiving a NIF number is the first step on the way to applying for e-residency Portugal. This is a special program that was introduced not long ago and has presented many people with the coolest opportunities.

Apart from this, NIF is required to be able to register in one of the health facilities and even enroll at school (this is relevant in case you have kids and plan to move).

Those who want to apply basically for any type of Portuguese visa also need to present their NIF numbers. But here is the great news about it all: you have a chance to get NIF Portugal online without any hardships. The simplest option for doing this is going online and ordering the document on one of the sites of the most reliable providers. Let’s see what exactly has to be done to complete this task.

Requesting NIF Online: the Basic Steps to Be Aware of

  1. Primarily, you need to find a team offering a nice combination of price and quality. In other words, it is essential to come across an adequate cost and effective service (meaning that you will receive your NIF number on time and your personal data will not be shared with anyone else). This is probably the hardest task to solve when speaking of getting NIF online.
  2. After that, it is time to investigate what has to be prepared again (you need to do this before you finally select the provider of the service too). Normally, you do not have to present too many documents. The copy of your passport and statement of residence is going to be just fine. Sure, the conditions of the cooperation may not be like these but there should not be a dramatic difference.
  3. Once you are ready with the docs, simply upload them on the site and they will be considered by the team. Wait for a few business days and your NIF will be right there! Typically, it is sent in PDF format but it can also be delivered to you by mail if you want.

Here is one important aspect for you to know about. There is a chance to receive NIF at a very inexpensive rate. The fine price for issuing it can start from 80 EUR, and it is real to come across a provider who will be ready to help you without making you pay too much.

What About the Deadlines?

Sure, there may be situations when you are going to join those who desperately need their NIF numbers as soon as possible.

In this case, it is a good idea to search for a provider that will be able to offer you a deadline that will be linked to nice speed. Usually, three business days are thought to be really fast. But be ready to pay more for such an efficient service! It is basically impossible to obtain a NIF number quickly at a really inexpensive rate.

So, this is about it. Hope your journey of obtaining NIF will be as painless as possible and you will be able to use your NIF when spending your best days in Portugal!