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When you travel for fun, it’s easy to pick a hotel you like. You simply find one with the right facilities that’s in an area you want to explore. But finding a hotel for business travel can be more complicated. It means finding a place to stay that is practical and has the facilities you want. Here’s how to pick the best hotel for business travel no matter where you’re going.

Find a hotel that welcomes business guests

Some hotels are more business-friendly than others. It’s worth doing your research and looking on the hotel’s website to find out whether they welcome those travelling on business. It’s also worth reading reviews to find the best hotel in Yangon or wherever you are travelling. Most review sites let you filter reviews by those travelling on business, so you get a perspective from people like you.

See what facilities they offer

When it comes to business travel, you should look out for business-specific facilities such as:

  • Free or cheap WiFi – ideally, high-speed so you can get some work done
  • Meeting rooms
  • Conference facilities
  • Rooms with phones and internet ports
  • Long stay rates
  • On-site restaurants – this makes life easier when you need to grab a quick dinner after meetings

While most business travellers aren’t bothered about things like pools or gyms, these are nice features to have if you get some spare time. However, you should focus on practical facilities that you’ll definitely use.

Get the best rate

When you travel on business, budget is a consideration. Some companies set a maximum spend for overnight stays, while others will just ask that you get a reasonable rate for your stay. It’s worth using a hotel search engine to get the best rate for your stay. As a business traveller, you’ll often travel off-peak, which can save you cash, and you can often get long-stay rates which make things cheaper.

Consider apartment stays

Don’t just look for hotel rooms. Business travellers, especially those staying on a long term basis also do well in apartments, where they have more space and feel at home. It’s easier to stay healthy when traveling when you have your own kitchen and can prepare your own meals, and many people prefer having a living area where they can relax after work.

Choose somewhere central

You can make life easier if you pick a hotel that’s well connected. Nobody wants to spend hours traveling to their meetings, or to be miles from transport links, so find a hotel that’s close to everything you need and life will be much easier.

It isn’t always easy to find the right hotel as a business traveller. Things that you look for in a holiday destination will be different to things you need when you travel for business. That’s why it’s important to keep your needs in mind when you shop around. Look for a hotel that is business friendly and equipped with things like WiFi, as this will make your life so much easier during your stay.

By Manager