Kids can have just as much fun dressing up to attend a wedding as the adults can! Whether the kids are part of the ceremony or on the guest list, one of the cutest ways to dress them is to create matching outfits. Matching the kids’ outfits together makes life a little easier when planning and purchasing kids’ wedding outfits…and it makes for the cutest photos.

Here are our tips for creating matching wedding outfits for kids!

Start with a base and build from there

If you have lots of kids in your wedding party, or lots of kids attending a wedding with you, start with a simple base. You could buy matching shirts and pants for the boys, and matching dresses for the girls, all in the same colour. From there, you could have fun creating matching accessories such as fairy wings for the girls and custom-made ties for the boys. By starting with a simple base, you can save money and have the freedom to add your own creative flair. What’s more…the kids can use the base items (i.e the pants or shirt) after the wedding…hello, value for money!

Match your flower girl dresses with your ring bearer outfits

If you have little flower girls and a ring bearer/ring bearers in your wedding party, match their outfits. For very young flower girls, choose toddler flower girl dresses with a particular theme (i.e. princesses or mermaids). Match the ring bearer’s suits by using the same fabrics, colours and accessories where appropriate. For example, your little lovelies could wear pink flower girl dresses with golden tiaras and a magic wand to hold along with their flower basket. The ring bearers could wear blazers in the same pink fabric, with golden crowns (or magic wands, if they want to be princesses too!).

Match your flower girl dresses with your bridesmaid dresses

Matching your flower girl dresses with your bridesmaid dresses is a great way to add cohesion to your overall wedding theme. If your bridesmaids are wearing seafoam green, full-length dresses with white flowers in their hair…so can the flower girls. However, it’s important to make the lengths and silhouettes appropriate for little ladies by adding volume to the skirt and a high neckline.

Dress your children in matching colours and fabrics

If you and your children (and a friend’s children perhaps) are all going to a wedding together…match their outfits! Have fun with the kids by asking which colours they’d like to wear and go shopping to find the perfect outfits. And remember, there’s no reason why little girls can’t wear pants and jackets, just like the boys, so don’t be afraid to be different in that respect. If complete matching isn’t quite your thing, you can simply match the fabrics or the colours. Match the boy’s bow ties to the girl’s headbands, or give all the kids the same jacket or shoes…there are so many options, just get creative.


Matching kids’ wedding outfits are not only cute, but they look incredible in photos and make the planning process a little simpler too. Decide on a colour or theme and craft a set of matching costumes from there.

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