Buyers have been watching gold closely for the last decade, as gold prices have fluctuated over time. Checking gold prices in multiple continents is a good way of keeping tabs on how the value of gold fluctuates. Searching terms like “gold prices in the United states, gold prices in the middle east, gold prices in Europe”, will give you an effective, realistic idea about what the current value is.

With analysts and political interests alike, U.S. Money Reserve shares that all eyes are on the Federal Reserve, as this body is rumored to be about to slow the pace of interest rate hikes, contrary to actions taken in 2018. With the association between the U.S. dollar, the health of the economy, and its historical relation to gold on the stock market, all eyes are on gold coins and the price of this metal in 2019.  

There are, of course, many variables that play a role in the price of gold on the stock market. Throughout the 2000s, primarily between the years 2002 and 2007, the stock market saw a rise in the price of gold, which aligned with falling interest rates at the same time. However, 2016 was witness to a short rise in precious metals, triggered by actions related to fear trade. Variables related to stock prices and the stock market itself are unpredictable, though it is important to monitor influences that could impact such stocks and, by proxy, the decisions you make.

While gold has had a longstanding association with the U.S. dollar due to the Gold Standard Act, it is the euro that buyers are paying attention to in 2019. The political and social landscape of Europe is entirely unpredictable at this time, though charts do indicate that there has been somewhat of an association between the euro and the price of gold. With the aforementioned landscape, predictions are far too difficult, though it could be important for buyers to watch the euro closely in this calendar year.

Regarding the dollar and the market in the United States, the Federal Reserve’s interest rate increases have historically impacted the price of gold. Again, there are many variables and factors that impact this, though higher interest rates tend to boost the dollar, which can make gold a more expensive option for buyers who are purchasing in other currencies.

Buyers should be keeping a close eye on the Federal Reserve’s moves throughout the next quarter to determine if it will introduce subsequent rate hikes. The December 2018 interest rate hike is still relatively fresh, so the Federal Reserve could take time to view the results in the market. U.S. Money Reserve expects that moves made by the Fed will be based on data, so it might be important for potential buyers to keep an eye on the market as well.

One thing that we do know is that prices have declined over the last several years as the U.S. dollar has strengthened. Data from U.S. Money Reserve indicates this. The future of any commodity or currency is never certain, so watching closely and making your own purchasing decisions is important during this process.

U.S. Money Reserve notes that, with these data and decisions in mind, you might consider expanding your horizons to include a coin option like gold.