While the charm of a European cruise appeals to millions of tourists year in and year out, a cruise of the nearby British Isles is often overlooked. 

The British Isles offers up equal amounts of charm, natural beauty, history, and culture as its close European counterparts. 

If rolling green countryside, quaint pubs, cobbled stone streets, mystical castles, and ancient folklore appeals to you, then a British Isles cruise is waiting! 

Here are four iconic cruises of the British Isles to add to your travel bucket list.

Four Popular Itineraries of a British Isles Cruise 

The British Isles is comprised of three primary nations. These include Great Britain, Scotland, and Wales, as well as surrounding offshore islands and the nation of Ireland. 

While each region has its own set of similarities, they are all beautifully unique in its own way. If one theme runs true throughout the British Isles, it’s the astounding natural beauty to be seen at every turn. 

Due to the fact that the British Isles is a pretty compact landmass, this makes for more free time onshore to explore iconic landmarks. This includes historical sites such as Stonehenge, Trinity College, the Blarney Stone, and many historic cities, too.

Of course, choosing a reputable cruise line is also important for a holiday packed with cherished memories. Do your homework on the best cruise lines in the region. Most especially ones that offer cruise ship passenger claims which cover holiday accidents. You can never be too careful! 

For now, here are 4 must-do cruises around Great Britain and the surrounding isles to whet your appetite… 

1. Dublin to Amsterdam (12 Days) 

Taking just under two weeks to explore the British Isles and the northern parts of Europe, you’ll get a true feel for this stunning part of the world. 

This 12-day itinerary begins in the vibrant Irish city of Dublin, then moves on to Belfast, Liverpool, Cork, Paris, Bruges, and Amsterdam. Your final port-of-call, Amsterdam, is where the cruise ends. Return travel arrangements will need to be made from Amsterdam for your onward journey. 

On this cruise, you’ll get a chance to experience the best of the British Isles, in combination with the best that Europe has to offer! 

2. Ireland, England, and Scotland (10 Days) 

This British Isles cruise takes a total of 10 days and passes through the region’s most popular ports. 

The itinerary begins in Dublin. It then moves onto Glasgow, in Scotland, Liverpool, Belfast, the beautiful port of Dover, Portland, Cork and back to Dublin. 

With this itinerary, you’ll have the chance to experience some of Britain and Ireland’s most iconic landmarks. This includes Trinity College in Dublin, Stonehenge in England, the Blarney Stone, the great white cliffs of Dover and more!

3. Ireland and the Irish Sea (12 Days) 

The Irish Sea is the body of water that separates the landmass of the United Kingdom and the nation of Ireland.

On this 12-day cruise, you’ll get a true feel for the rugged, untouched coast of Ireland, while calling in at the northernmost ports of Iceland, to boot!

This incredible itinerary begins in Dublin. It then takes you on to the historic city of Belfast, the original home of the Titanic. From there, you’ll move on to Reykjavik, Akureyri, Glasgow, Liverpool and finally, back to Dublin.  

4. Ireland and Iceland (13 Days)

With a similar itinerary to the above, you’ll also get a chance to explore the Irish and Icelandic coast while enjoying a touch of Scotland and Great Britain, too. 

This cruise kicks off in Southampton, England, then moves on to St Peter Port in the quaint region of Guernsey. After this, you’ll travel on to Cork, Dublin, Akureyri and Reykjavik in Iceland, Lerwick in Scotland, then back to Southampton.  

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