CBD oil is a multi-use product that can be consumed in different ways and adapt to many diets. Depending on your preferences and your sensitivity, you can choose between the different modes of administration available to consume your CBD oil as you wish.

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The different methods to use CBD oil

CBD oil is considered to be a food supplement which is mainly intended for oral administration. Due to its composition, CBD oil can be administered in different forms, but which one is best for you?

  • Under the tongue

It is the method of consumption par excellence for CBD oil. With the sublingual method, the oil is absorbed quickly by the body: part of the CBD oil passes directly through the membranes located under the tongue, the other part is swallowed and ends up in the digestive system.

Thanks to this absorption method, you can consume your CBD oil discreetly and quickly by depositing a few drops of the product directly under your tongue. It is advisable to let the oil act under the tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing it for optimal effectiveness.

  • With food

CBD oil can also be used in a recipe or be diluted directly on a food or drink.

The easiest way to use CBD oil in your culinary preparations is to incorporate it into another fatty substance intended for cooking. Whether you prefer butter or oil, you can add CBD to your recipes, provided that they do not include a high-temperature cooking phase: CBD will start to degrade from 160 ° C, so you will need to prefer cold recipes or with cooking below this ceiling.

  • CBD oil capsules

CBD oil is available in its liquid form and in the form of soft capsules intended to be swallowed directly for assimilation via the digestive system.

Some manufacturers of CBD oil offer a version in the form of capsules to swallow: they allow you to take your dose of CBD discreetly and avoid handling to refine your dosage.

  • Skin application

CBD oils can also be applied dermally even if this is not their primary use. Certain vegetable oils, used as a basis for CBD, can be particularly useful for the skin. It is, however, preferable to use topical products like CBD creams, especially if your skin has reactive tendencies or if you suffer from complex skin problems.

Determine your CBD dosage

There is currently no dosage determined based on what you want to treat with CBD, and since CBD oils are not considered drugs, we will not advise dosages for medical purposes.

The first step when you want to determine a personalized CBD dosage is to start taking the minimum dose. You can follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the first shots.

Some people may be satisfied with the average recommended dosage, but if this is not your case, you can set up a stepwise increase in the amount of CBD absorbed each day. It is necessary to allow time for each dosage to act on your body before deciding to change your dosage.

How much CBD oil to use?

You have determined the consumption method you prefer for CBD oil, now is the time to choose the dosage that best suits your needs.

CBD oils generally have similar concentrations depending on the brand; the dosages are expressed in percentage, allowing you to quickly calculate the amount of CBD in mg contained in a vial.

To help you determine the amount of CBD contained in the oil that interests you according to its concentration, the best CBD online suppliers will give you all the information about CBD oil dosage, as well as a whole set of blogs and news. Check the pages of Justbob.shop to find out more about CBD flowers and CBD oil for daily usage.

Then, when you know the CBD dosage of a drop of CBD oil, you can quickly calculate your dosage.

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