Thousands of people have reported that vaping has helped them to stop smoking cigarettes, although there haven’t been enough thorough studies for some governments to form conclusive, positive opinions on the matter. Still, there is recognition that vaping can help to some degree. The information you get also depends on the country it comes from.

For example, public health organizations in the UK recognize vaping as significantly safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes. Public Health England even recognizes that vaping helps over 20,000 people per year stop smoking permanently. That’s not a sentiment shared by all.

The World Health Organization published a paper they have since removed from their website which stated, “based mostly on the levels and number of toxicants produced… it is very likely that [vaping products] are less toxic than cigarette smoke… no specific figure about how much ‘safer’ the use of these products is compared to smoking can be given any scientific credibility at this time.”

It’s understandable that the comparative level of safety can’t be pinpointed through science, but that doesn’t mean vaping isn’t a good way to quit smoking.

Research supports vaping as a smoking cessation aid

There are a variety of ways to stop smoking, like patches, gum, and even pharmaceuticals. However, research shows that vaping is the most efficient method. In the U.S., research out of New York along with other research organizations have concluded that people who vape to quit smoking are more successful than those who choose other methods. This is also supported by clinical trials.

Still, many people don’t find these research studies to be enough to conclude vaping helps you stop smoking. Despite this, the overwhelming amount of anecdotal evidence can’t be ignored. Although it may not be right for everyone, those who have used vaping to eliminate their cigarette habit say it’s an excellent solution. If it works for so many people, why not try it yourself?

If you’ve been wanting to quit smoking and are wondering if you should try vaping, it won’t hurt to give it a chance. Thanks to the availability of vaping supplies online, it’s easy to get started, provided you’re of legal age in your area.

Vaping can help you taper off smoking

Whether you smoke a pack a day, more than that, or just a handful of cigarettes, vaping can help you taper off your usual daily quantity of smokes. If you’re not able to stop smoking altogether right away, this can be beneficial. For instance, you can vape on your breaks at work instead of smoking (if your employer allows). You might only cut back by a few cigarettes a day this way, but you may find it easier to switch completely to vaping after a while.

It’s not bad to replace one habit with another

Critics of using vaping to quit smoking say it’s a poor solution because you end up trading one bad habit for another. At face value, that sounds logical. If you’re just going to adopt a new habit that can harm your health, why bother? Isn’t it better to quit tobacco completely?

Not everyone can just quit on the spot. Some people need a middle step, and vaping provides that bridge. For those who struggle to give up nicotine completely, vaping is a good alternative for several reasons:

  • Vaping is less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Some people argue that vaping is just as harmful as smoking, but that isn’t true. There are harmful chemicals in both instances, but the worst ones come from the burning paper and tobacco additives found in cigarettes. It’s not that vaping isn’t harmful to your health; it’s that there are fewer harmful chemicals. By switching from cigarettes to vaping, people are greatly reducing their exposure to these toxins.

  • Vaping can help you cut down on nicotine consumption. By limiting the number of puffs you take while vaping, you can cut down your nicotine intake easily. You won’t be left with a burning cigarette in your hand, thinking you should just finish it off.

  • Vaping can help you curb the addiction to the act of smoking. For some people, it’s the action of smoking a cigarette that carries most of the addiction. It’s the ritual involved. Vaping isn’t the same and you may eventually lose interest.

Some people quit vaping eventually, too

Last, but not least, when you switch to vaping, it’s easier to stop nicotine altogether. Many people vape with the intention of continuing but find it easier to stop vaping over time. Your journey is unique, but if you’re looking for an effective way to stop smoking, give vaping a chance.