There is nothing more rewarding than being able to construct your dream house. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience. It also gives the flexibility to develop your own design and improve it as the project evolves. Building a house implies making multiple decisions and requires your presence throughout the entire process. 

However, even if it’s a challenging venture, you can deal with all the problems that may arise along the way if you prepare yourself in advance. This is especially the case when you plan every step of the project and stick to the plan. Which means you need a plan if you want to succeed. And this is why we put together this guide, to help you construct the house of your dreams without stressing yourself out. 

Let’s find out what aspects require your attention

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Set the budget

Before you start constructing the house, determine how much you afford to spend. List all expenses from the tax requirements to labour cost, cost of materials, and down payments. When you create the list, don’t forget to include the price of additional items like fences, electric meters, letterboxes, and other similar things that are usually forgotten during the planning stage. And keep in mind that the building process always costs more than you expect, so you need to set aside some extra cash to cover the unforeseen expenses. 

Building your house should give you financial freedom and not trigger bankruptcy. Therefore, make a budget and stick to it. Please discuss with the architect and constructor and let them understand how much you afford. Before hiring a specialist to design your house, use a construction estimating program to give you an idea of the overall project cost. 

Chances are you need additional financing when you construct a house, so if you want to get a loan, consider the project’s needs and expenses at different stages. 

Find the perfect location

The piece of land where you build your house plays a vital role in how the property looks and how comfortable you feel. Ensure you purchase the land in the ideal location for your needs. Consider the area’s accessibility and security, and check if there are necessary amenities like shops, markets, hospitals, and schools close. Even if you may find it tolerable to walk 30 minutes to the closest store in the first days, it can affect your quality of life, so make sure you thoroughly consider the ups and downs of the location you choose. Here is where you raise your family, and you need to pick the best community for your children.

The house’s location affects the property value in the long run, so if you plan to sell the house in the following years, discuss with a real estate agent to offer a review of the area. Also, check what kind of soil is in the region because it directly impacts the foundation’s quality. In addition, the climate determines the materials you use for the house. For example, if you build the house in a colder region, you need to insulate the walls and pick triple-glazed windows. 

Develop the house plan

An essential step when building a house is outlining the building plan because it guides the entire project. You need to figure out what you need and want in a place. Create a file that puts together photos, notes, and other information that help you figure out how the house should look. 

Here is a list of the things you need to consider during the planning stage. 

Size of the house – how many rooms do you want? The size of your family can help you decide. Your budget and space needs should influence the house size. Consult an architect to address the issue professionally. 

Outside space – a garden or patio can increase the property’s price. Consider the trees, shrubs, and flowers you want to plant to obtain the appearance you want. Besides these aspects, consider the cost of installing outdoor lighting, an irrigation system, a patio, and furniture. The garage is also included in the list of outside spaces. 

Materials – choosing the proper materials to build the house of your dream can be challenging if you have no knowledge on the matter. A company specialised in ready mix concrete and delivery in Newcastle can help you determine what construction materials you need to build your house. 

Your lifestyle – think about your daily schedule. Consider how many people are around the house every day. Do you receive guests regularly? Your home needs to incorporate all aspects of your lifestyle. Let the architect know your habits, so they can build a house that fits your personality perfectly.

Hire a professional building team

Hiring the constructor is crucial in building a house because you work with them for at least six months. Therefore, it’s paramount to make the right decision, so you won’t experience issues during the project. Keep in mind that the overall construction experience depends on your relationship with the building team. Research extensively and consider the following factors before hiring. 

Experience – for how long do they work in the construction sector? Take a look at their most recent projects and check if they built houses similar to yours. Ask the building team for names and contact information of their past clients and contact them to find out if they have complaints against the company or any workers. 

Credentials – interview multiple contractors before hiring someone. Consider their level of education and experience, and pick a builder that has a license and is insured. 

Personality – as stated before, you’ll work with the team for a long period, and you need to ensure you feel comfortable around them. Find a contractor with whom you share a common understanding and interview the team members before deciding. 

Building style – when you examine their previous projects, check the designs and styles involved to determine if their work suits your preferences. Some contractors are better at particular projects than others, and you need to find the one who can deliver the expected results. 


There are many factors to consider when you build a new house, and we hope the above article helps you figure out what the project implies. 

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