Automotive technology is making driving more safe, enjoyable, and more fun. This is through the use of certain car accessories. These accessories help in issuing a warning with to the car. Therefore, enhancing the car’s performance with a taste of a modern style. 

Car Dash Cam

This is among the best cool car accessories. This is a small digital camera, which today many drivers like to use. Additionally, it is used to shoot the driver’s journey while the car is in motion. Firstly, you should know that the dash cam cannot protect you; however, it is used to give a clear illustration of who is responsible for the accident in case it does occur and you need to claim for compensation or insurance. 

Car Jump Starter

This accessory is a vital necessity for any car. The jump starter gives an extra hand in case you do not get any help from anyone else. Its main function is the battery source this helps the driver to start their car. This is mainly done by hooking the clamp to the car’s battery. 

Tire Pressuring Monitoring System

The use of tire pressure helps in curbing accidents that occur due to unsafe vehicles on the road. Therefore, the use of tire pressure helps in reporting real-time tire pressure information to the driver. This is through a pictogram display, simple low-pressure warning light like various versions of beacon lights

Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder

The phone mounter allows the driver to have their phone mounted on the dashboard to make seeing the sat nav easier, as well as keeping it in place so it doesn’t slide everywhere and potentially cause an accident.  

GPS Tracker

This works by connecting your phone with your car; therefore, the driver can locate their car, because it can be easy to forget exactly where you parked, especially if it is in a large, crowded parking lot. Additionally, many parents use the GPS tracker to be on the know of their children’s location.

Car Key Finder

The car key finder is a result of technological advancement. Additionally, the car key finder allows you to track your car keys within seconds, which saves you ages on hunting them down, trying to remember where you last had them.

Car Cover

Many drivers have not yet discovered the importance of car covers, but the true thing about it is that it helps protect your car from physical damage. Besides, the car cover protects the car also from damage by UV rays.

Car Safety Hammer Escape Tool

This is a must-have tool for any car. The car hammer end mainly helps to penetrate the car windows to be used in an emergency. In addition, the double-sided hammerhead has sharp stainless-steel piercers, which help in piercing the glass. It also has a seatbelt cutter in case the seatbelt gets stuck. This is great for an emergency situation like a crash, if you are able to get yourself out of the car to safety.

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