You’ve probably noticed that lately more and more single people prefer not to meet on classic dating apps, but in random video chat apps like ChatHub. It’s a major trend. Users seem to be tired of traditional dating and want more opportunities for interesting and promising online encounters. As it turns out, video chat provides many such opportunities.

Today we’ll look at the phenomenon of random video chat, attempt to understand the reasons for its popularity, and examine ChatHub video chat as well as popular alternatives that you should try.

5 reasons why video chat apps are increasingly replacing traditional dating sites and apps

In fact, there are many more reasons, but we want to focus on the five most significant:

  1. Faster dating. Traditional web dating can be too time consuming. Likes, swipes, endless profile views, and back and forth text conversations can all go on for a very long time. And there is no guarantee that in the end you will get the desired result and find your love. Video chat apps, on the other hand, make it possible to get acquainted much faster, because you communicate as you would in real life — you see and hear the other person.
  2. Forming an objective idea of a person. When you communicate only in text chat, and you gain information about a person only from their profile, it’s likely that you’ll have an inaccurate opinion about them. But when the encounter takes place in video chat, you’re much more likely to objectively and accurately understand what the other person is like.
  3. The opportunity to significantly expand your circle of friends. The vast majority of dating services use location to find potential partners near you. This severely limits your social circle and cuts off a significant section of interesting people. On video chat apps like ChatHub, you have much more freedom.
  4. Building a stronger bond. When you communicate with a person via video, there can be a “spark” that will lay the foundation for a strong romantic relationship. Text messaging won’t give you that opportunity. It’s impossible to become attached to a person and filled with feelings for them just by texting them.
  5. A real chance to find love. We don’t deny that it’s possible to find a soulmate via traditional dating services. But it is in video chat that this process becomes much faster and often more efficient. Considering all the previous advantages, your chances of an enjoyable and fruitful acquaintance increase significantly.

If you’ve been ignoring the random video chat format so far, we strongly recommend that you fix this. Believe us, you’ll discover a lot of excellent opportunities for meeting interesting people. You’ll find many wonderful chat partners, new friends and possibly even your true love.

ChatHub video chat and its alternatives

ChatHub is a fairly simple video chat app in which you can only specify your gender and the language of communication, and the system will connect you with random chat partners who fall within the parameters you set. This is convenient and intuitive, but still, many users may yearn for more flexible settings. Therefore, if ChatHub isn’t enough for you, you should look for an alternative. Fortunately, there are more than enough options today:

  • CooMeet — a versatile alternative to ChatHub with a gender filter, search for chat partners by age and communication language, convenient mobile apps for iOS and Android, and excellent moderation and support service. The site is the best choice for successful dating.
  • Emeraldchat — a random video chat app with the ability to communicate by text or video, as well as support for group chats for several participants. In the built-in messenger, you can share photos and multimedia, which further expands the possibilities for communication.
  • Camgo — another good ChatHub alternative with a flexible gender filter. You can choose not only “Male” or “Female”, but also “Couple” or “LGBTQ+”. Plus, you can search for people by interests, which helps to find potential partners even more accurately.
  • Holla — a popular equivalent to ChatHub for smartphones with a clear interface and flexible settings for searching for chat partners by gender, location, and other parameters. If you are looking for a convenient, intuitive yet functional app for dating and communication, be sure to take a closer look at Holla.
  • Roulette Chat — a good video chat app where you can use a flexible filter to search for people by gender. You can choose from several options: “Man”, “Woman”, “M+F Couple”, “Girlfriends”, or “Group”. Depending on your choice, Roulette Chat will match you with the most suitable chat partners.
  • Chatki — a convenient analogue of ChatHub, where you can search for people by country and gender, as well as by a list of interests that you can enter in a special field. In addition, there is a separate chat only with girls, but access to this is paid.

We recommend you personally try all the listed video chats, and get acquainted with their functions, capabilities and benefits. This is the only way to choose exactly the video chat that will most fully meet your requirements and aims. Even if in this list there is nothing suitable for you, you can continue your search on the web. There are still lots of interesting options.

In conclusion, we want to advise that you use all available tools for dating on the internet in order to significantly increase your chances of success. We’re sure that you’ll be able to find new friends or even maybe your soulmate. The main thing is not to stop — keep moving forwards!

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