Content marketing isn’t always something that companies embrace by grabbing it with both hands. However, in many cases, they should be doing so. Here are five reasons why your business should be performing content marketing.

1.               Affordable Marketing vs. PPC

Content marketing in its various forms is typically far more affordable than pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Certainly, PPC has its place for immediacy and specificity, but it’s extremely difficult to run a profitable campaign.

By contrast, content marketing can be impactful when it is published on an ongoing basis. A video or blog post published months ago can still achieve views and clicks to the website’s landing page. What’s critical is to have the right type of content produced that will matter to your brand’s audience.

2.               Prospective B2B Clients Research First, Purchase Second

With B2B transactions, companies are responsible for expenditures that they either recommend or authorize. As such, the employee must perform their due diligence to demonstrate that they did what was necessary even if the transaction later went awry. 

Providing content originating from the brand is effective in persuading someone to commit. While the content may not speak to that point directly, it can convey meaningful information confirming that the business knows its market.

3.               Repurpose Existing Content

Not all content must be produced from a blank page or media file. It’s possible to repurchase existing content to retool it for the current year. This saves time and provides a fresh look at a previous topic. For example, analyzing new sector trends is useful for business leaders looking for fresh insights. Alabama motorcycle injury lawyers can use the data they have about crashes and statistics to create blog posts and social media posts. Every single business has data that can be turned into content.

Updating annually offers the opportunity to present the latest thought leadership while casting an eye to the future too. Also, some companies may choose to hold themselves accountable by referring back to a previous trends article to lend some perspective too.

4.               Drive Greater Organic Traffic

It’s difficult for websites to increase their traffic over time. This is especially true when they don’t alter or update their site in a meaningful way for months. While an increasing number of backlinks pointing at the website will be beneficial, more can be done through content marketing.

Content published on the brand’s site will require time to index and rank for relevant search terms. Depending on how old the site is, it could need between three to nine months to begin seeing results. However, for high-quality content pieces, once they stick near the top of the search results, they often last longer than backlinks.

5.               Increase Trust

The trust that potential buyers have in a brand is an important factor. Indeed, it’s often cited in research why they didn’t pull the trigger. Content can be specifically created to engender greater trust. Demonstrating product or industry knowledge is one way. Also, providing solutions to common problems that buyers may experience helps too.

Using content marketing is cost-effective and provides ample opportunities to profit greatly. Failing to use it may lead to reduced business results when compared to your peers.

By Rob