Do you need new technical sales talent?

So you’re going through your monthly figures, and everything looks great – except one thing. Those technical sales figures just aren’t as high as you might expect. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean your team is doing anything wrong – you could have the best technical sales team in the world and if they’ve got too much on their plate they won’t be able to achieve their best rates. On the other hand, if the workload is average, it could mean that you do havee a couple of slackers on your team. Either way, the answer is to start looking at new technical sales talent. Additionally, it’s a good idea to refresh your sales team’s memory with opportunities for training sessions and incentives to meet sales targets to ensure your existing team is working at their best.

What is Technical Sales

Technical salespeople provide advice and support on technical services as well as elling the products themselves. A technical salesperson will identify companies and potential clients who might benefit from their services and work in tandem with colleagues to provide information and offers in bringing that client on board. Unlike general sales teams, technical salespeople are likely to work with industry professionals such as factory formen and public utility providers rather than retail, hospitality or any customer facing industries.

Since this is a niche area of sales you are going to need to cast your net wide to find the right person, and this can be tricky to do. Though those who specialise as technical sales people might not be as common as general salespeople, and be easier to find, that doesn’t mean everyone of them is any good – you need to be careful about who you select for this role. Luckily using technical recruitment agencies like Culver can save you the trouble, as they can use their network, database and expertise to find you the perfect technical salesperson for your role.

The technical salesperson could have a big impact on you sales capabilities as they will play a huge role in identifying and onboarding new clients as well as providing ongoing technical support to those accounts, so this is not an area where you consider giving the job to a family friend – you need to find exactly the right person for the role. But don’t worry, specialist recruitment services are there for a reason and if you make sure you pick the right one, you’ll end up with a team member who is an asset to your company.