Whether you’re planning to move to the UK permanently or you want to reside in the country for an extended period of time, it’s vital to ensure you have the right documentation in place. Of course, there has been widespread confusion about visa requirements in light of Brexit.

Although the UK left the EU some time ago, many people are still unaware of what Brexit means for their visa application or residency status. While the UK government has released plans to reduce the confusion, these have yet to be approved and leave a lot to be desired.

Fortunately, staying in the UK with a fiancé or spouse isn’t as difficult as you might think, even in a post-Brexit environment.

What is a Spouse visa?

If you’re married or engaged to a British or Irish citizen, this type of VISA could enable you to stay in the UK for an extended period of time. A spouse visa UK is just one type of VISA that gives non-UK nationals the right to reside in the country. If granted, your immigration status will be updated accordingly, and you’ll be able to remain in the UK until your spouse visa runs out or until you extend it.

Who is Eligible for a Spouse visa?

Most people assume that you have to be married in order to qualify for a spouse visa in the UK, but this isn’t the case. If you’re already married to or in a civil partnership with an Irish or British citizen or you’re engaged to an Irish or British citizen, you can be eligible to apply for a spouse VISA UK. Alternatively, if your partner isn’t a British or Irish citizen but has settled in the UK, has refugee status or humanitarian protection, has a Turkish Worker visa or a Turkish businessperson visa or is from the EU, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland and has pre-settled status, this could mean that you’re eligible to apply for a spouse visa.

However, this isn’t the only eligibility criteria. You’ll also need to show that you’ve been in a relationship and living together for at least two years before applying, and, if you’re not already married, that you intend to do so within six months of arriving in the UK.

How Has Brexit Impacted Spouse Visas?

There’s no doubt that Brexit has raised numerous issues regarding immigration in the UK. Without the free movement, which was once awarded to EU citizens, there has been much confusion regarding who needs to apply for a visa and which types of visas they’re eligible for.

However, the spouse visa UK remains an obvious choice for people who are in a marriage or civil partnership or those who plan to formalize their relationship in the near future. Despite this, there are still lengthy delays when it comes to getting your visa approved. Due to this, it’s always advisable to apply at least three months in advance and be prepared for a lengthy wait.

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