The idea that people need to start working from home caught everyone by surprise. No one knew how to deal with it. Imagine presenting in front of your colleagues using a ceiling projector one day, and the next day, you’re doing it online. However, the pandemic gave us little to no choice. Working from home is the only way to keep things going safely. Business owners and employees scrambled to adjust to the new reality. 

The good thing is that after a while, many employees managed to adapt. Even business owners found a way to make things work. It’s still a challenging process, but things are seemingly heading in the right direction. Some companies are even trying to push it further by deciding to make it a permanent setup. They allowed employees to move elsewhere and work from home for good. While this seems like the new way things are, the truth is that it’s never a sustainable setup. There will be a realization that this setup was only to adapt to the challenges posed by the pandemic, and not a permanent change. 

Not all jobs can adapt to the work from home setup

Some jobs require employees to be physically present in an office. It won’t work if they’re working remotely. Jobs in tourism and production industries are among them. We can’t function well as a society if there are jobs that can’t continue remotely. 

Working in isolation is never healthy

There’s a reason why people love working in an office. Despite the dramas, they still love being together. The lack of interaction is one of the reasons why working from home is a terrible setup. It’s not good for people’s mental health. It also deprives everyone of an opportunity to build lifelong relationships. It still feels different from working with people in a physical work environment. 

Women are losing jobs

Since the work from home setup started, lots of women lost their jobs. They spend more time with their children since they’re at home too. Focusing on the job is also challenging for women who have to take care of their children’s needs. Women end up being on the firing line since they have a parental role to fill. If this setup continues, it will disempower women in the workforce, and it’s not the right way to move forward. 

It will break us further apart 

During a crisis, the government usually calls for people to stay together and remain united. The problem with this pandemic is that being together is a big no. We have to fight this pandemic by staying apart. When it’s over, there’s no sense in being away. There’s value in being around people and having social gatherings. It’s great for people’s overall health. Making the work from home setup permanent will break our society. We can’t afford to do so. 

Hopefully, we can get back to regular work again. Soon, you will meet your colleagues and experience office dramas again.  

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